Twenty five (only five outfits left! YAY!!)

Jacket/shorts: f21
Shirt: Stolen from husband
Shoes: Sketches

Well, lookit what I finally found! While I was working on a much-needed closet clean-out, I found the missing jacket I had included in my 30!

I am so done with this challenge. I am just burnt out, sick of the clothes I picked and ready to wear some other stuff. Although, I will admit I am nearly done with ALL my laundry. Yes, I like to let it pile up. Don’t you?

♥ Suze


7 thoughts on “Twenty five (only five outfits left! YAY!!)

  1. OMG, i clicked it and wasn’t really looking when i clicked and i thought the dart board was part of your outfit…haha kinda like an alice & wonderland red queen kinda thing going on there…;]

    but yay! cute 🙂 i esp. like the hair bow/headband…of course!

  2. Of course I let laundry pile up. It’s got to be harder to do with the 30, since you need the pieces more often though. At least you are almost done!!

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