Twenty four! (Yes, that IS how old I am!)

Top: slept in it
Skirt: Tulle
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: F21

Yeah, the top isn’t in my 30. Whatever. I slept in it. It counts.

Plus, I never could find that jacket… 🙂

I totally McGyvered this necklace. It was really, really long, and bugged me. So I wrapped the extra chain around and tucked it in. It worked pretty well!

I did convince Joe to let me take a photo next to him, to prove his hair length, height, and the fact he’s skinnier than I am!

But first, to show you a progression of his hair, I have a few photos to show:

August 2007- Joe shaves his head (this was pretty much the last haircut he had (minus a mohawk…) And, this photo pretty much sums up our relationship…

This was a photo taken May 2008, at our engagement session:
Engagement Photo 5

May 2009, our wedding:
Brick, Heartland filter

September 2009:
September26 010

And, finally, today:

Apparently  I have had MANY haircuts, but with the exception of ONE haircut before our wedding (I had to BEG him), Joe hasn’t cut his hair since 2008.

Gotta love it.

♥ Suze


16 thoughts on “Twenty four! (Yes, that IS how old I am!)

    • Thanks! He actually takes VERY good care of his hair. He conditions it twice a week, brushes it himself and hasn’t dyed it at all. He’s excited to donate it to someone that can use a pretty wig!! 🙂

  1. You should convince him to go back to ‘wedding hair’ because that is gorgeous.
    I love the term “MacGuyvered” that’s great, I’m going to have to use that now.

    • LOL- thanks! I actually use it A LOT IRL, so it just fit in this post.

      I’m pretty sure (after he donates his hair) he’ll probably keep it about the same as his wedding hair- it’s about the same then that it was when we first met 6 years ago, so it’s my fav!!

  2. what a great deed, to grow out his hair to donate. :o)
    i like pic #4, i envy the waves in his hair. you guys are so cute together! i’ll have to keep my adding of “kiddo” to comments here to a minimum, ms. 24 year old! lol

    • OMG- I have a photo I took of when we first met- his hair flipped out (on it’s own) Farrah style! I need to find it and post it!

  3. Thanks for the photos Suze. I really enjoyed them. The last one is very touching. You should frame it. My daughter will be donating her hair too. She’s waiting for her hair to reach her elbows.

    • I warned him I was posting a bunch of the two of us, haha! 🙂
      I wish I had enough patience to grow mine and donate it, but the last time I did that was in 2007!

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