Friend Friday: Blogger Privacy

This week we are discussing blogger privacy.

1. Do you think privacy is something we should worry about as bloggers?
I think privacy is something we need to worry about whenever using the internet, whether you are a blogger or not. It is WAY to easy to find information about people on the internet. I found out the city/state and a little other information about the hater who left me a comment a few weeks back… All from a simple Google search with the IP address!

2. Do you use your real name or a pen name? What was behind that decision?
I use a nickname (Suze). My real name is Susan, and I’m pretty sure most people know it. I just figured I’d rather go by my nickname. It wasn’t really that thought out, LOL.

3. How much personal information do you reveal about your life beyond the blog?
I talk about my husband and life a little, and post photos of my cats. But I try to be careful about posting identifying information, because I don’t want someone to stalk me, LOL.

4. What will you never reveal?
My complete, full, legal name. No one will ever guess it, but I’ll also never tell. That’s one thing only people IRL need to know. I also am careful about putting photos of my friends on my blog- they know when I’m going to do it, and are OK with it. I’d never post of photo of someone who didn’t want to be up there.

And, I try to be careful about how much/what I say about my job. This blog is just what I do after work and on weekends- it has nothing to do with my 9-5.

5. As bloggers, we have, to an extent, made ourselves ‘public’ figures. But still there are things that are intimate to each of us that does not need to be known by anyone that stumbles across our blog. How do you determine what is appropriate for public consumption and what is private to you?
My mom reads my blog. If I would tell her what’s going on, I’ll put it on the blog. If I wouldn’t tell her, it doesn’t get written down.

I also (now) have some coworkers aware of my blog. I don’t know if they read it, but I certainly don’t want to talk about anything that they might find appalling. If it would be considered “water cooler talk,” my lips are sealed.

And beyond all that, sometimes you need to have a certain level of privacy.  I am true to myself on this blog. I write about what I know and what I’ve experienced, but I certainly don’t talk about EVERYTHING on this blog.

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6 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Blogger Privacy

  1. I do the same thing with my friends and their pictures. The only time they were up on my blog was for my blog posts on my wedding and they all knew I was going to blog my head off about it! LOL.

    As for work, only a few co-workers know about my blog and I was hesisant at first until I developed a good relationship with them. If we hang out outside of work, then we are friends, not just coworkers, so its okay. However, I never put anything about work on my blog, facebook, twitter,etc. You never know who may be reading!

  2. lol, i guess anonymous wasn’t truly anonymous!
    no name, no friends names, no office work stuff…agreed, agreed, SO agreed.
    rock on, chica!

  3. I have the most common full name that if someone guessed it they would probably find a zillion people by that name at least 3 that live in the same city as me… soooo yeah. I don’t talk a lot about my job mostly because its not relevant and then also because my company has a policy about blogging and social media… haha. them covering their asses makes it easy for me not to talk about work! It’s weird when people from work and what not mention my blog to me, or family members… I always feel odd about them reading it. Even my hair dresser reads it from time to time. ha… a little pressure there to make sure my hair is doing his work justice!

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