Prada Chandelier Shoes DIY

This is probably the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. I didn’t even get to destroy anything…

I had a request to do a DIY for these Prada chandelier shoes:

I couldn’t find any non-trampy clear shoes, so I decided to do the next best thing, and figure out how to make an ankle bracelet that gives the illusion of chandelier shoes.

I bought two of this necklace from Forever 21:

I was planning to take the fake crystals off the chain and attach them to a strappy sandal. But when I was stretching the chain along the back of the shoe, I realized I could just wrap the chain around my ankle and achieve the same effect without needing to destroy the necklace:

See? Told you it was easiest DIY ever…

Now, if you really wanted to do something without the chain, you could remove each of the crystals, and either sew them or clip them around the strap.

I am lazy, so I did neither. Plus, I kinda like the necklace, so I didn’t want to fully destroy it.

Anyone else have a good DIY for these shoes?

♥ Suze


11 thoughts on “Prada Chandelier Shoes DIY

  1. you will not believe me but Pearl (of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom) and I were talking about how it would be nice to make this crystal shoe DIY. Pearl liked the Prada look alike crystal necklace i made and suggested something like you just posted. talk about being on the same wavelength. maybe we were.separated at birth? are you sure we were not born in Georgia and then smuggled in the U.S.? are you really 24? you do look young but we could not be twins in that case.
    lol, i will send Pear your blog link

  2. I looove the necklace! Good thing you didn’t cut them… ^^

    I remembered my prom shoes back then in HS. It has some crystals dangling on the ankle strap. But the stones were a lot smaller. After looking at your DIY, I wished the crystals were a lot bigger… ^^ I think I still have those shoes at home. ^^

  3. Oh wow!! I would have never thought of that!! Now my accessory addiction is even worse – now I have to find necklaces for my shoes! LOL Awesome idea and those shoes look totally fab!

  4. clever! I actually like your version better than the actual shoes you were DIYing like… which I feel is often the case. haha.

    • LOL- I often like my DIY’s better, because I can make them exactly how I want.
      I often find stuff I like, but it’s not exactly what I want. I feel like DIY-ing gives the creator much more freedom to do what they want with it.

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