Sweet! 7 things about ME!

Haha! So, big thanks to Angeline, who passed along this lovely blogger award to me.

I get to tell you guys 7 things about me, and pass this along to 7 others…

1. I don’t wear perfume. None. Ever. Seriously.
2. My husband weighs less than I do and has longer hair than me.
3. I picked my wedding dress out of the “clearance” room and paid $300 for a designer gown šŸ™‚ It was awesome.
4. I went to Europe before I ever went to Canada, even though I work directly across the river from Canada.
5. I cannot sleep with my feet under the blanket.
6. My cat likes to sleep on my chest when I sleep. I often wake up with her licking my face. I fear I will be missing a large chunk of cheek one day.
7. My favorite/lucky numbers are 13 and 37.

Now, I tag:

Shoe-a-day, Grit and glamour, Ā Ordinarily Urbane, Style Underdog, Chic on the Cheap, Fashion Butter, Bye Bye Soccer Mom

Have fun!! šŸ™‚

ā™„ Suze


20 thoughts on “Sweet! 7 things about ME!

  1. LoL on your fear that you’ll be missing a chunk of your cheek one day. XD That kinda made me smile today. ^^ You’re lucky for having two cute funny fat cats!

    I kinda like 13 too. ^^ If many people fear for that number, especially on days they call Friday the 13th, I am diffferent. I feel sort of lucky on those days. XD

  2. Haha, I think it’s so funny when pets feel the need to be as close to us when sleeping as they possibly can.

    And great wedding gown score — I can’t imagine spending a small fortune on a gown, yeah, it’s your wedding day, but it is just one day.

    • Does your dogs sleep on your chest too?

      I can’t imagine spending that much on it- it was hard enough trying to fathom spending the same amount as my car payment on it! But, it turned out ok! šŸ™‚

  3. I’m so flattered, thank you! Can’t wait to do this tomorrow šŸ™‚

    I love your #2 and think you need to share some photos. And your #3 – I also got my designer wedding gown for the same – from the Filene’s Basement bridal sale!! xo

    • I have been trying to convince him to take photos… he doesn’t like them very much, but if I do, I can post photos from our engagment (may 2008), wedding (may 2009) and now, and you can see how quickly his hair grew!

  4. thank you! thank you!
    LOL about your feet out of covers. I have to have them under covers and sometimes I even have to wear socks to bed. I guess pure blood circulation…. sorry, i did not mean to get so personal… LOL

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