August featured blogger: Style Underdog

I don’t remember how I found Style Underdog… I think she found me. But however it happened, it’s been really fun! I adore her style and her attitude. She’s never afraid to ask for help (if she needs it), or to talk about pizza, carpool duty or anything else going on in her life. She’s always herself, which is amazing.

1. Describe your blog in three words:
well accessorized minimalist

2.  Who/what are your style inspirations:
I prefer people on the street more than anything else.  There are so many shapes, sizes, and cultures out there to grab inspiration from.  Where I live there isn’t much to go on.  Everyone looks and dresses the same, it’s like a style-void bubble.  Since that is the case, I rely heavily on street style blogs and all the creativity these blogs show me.  I love it that anything goes, characters welcomed.

3.  Name three of your favorite things in your closet:
My friends tell me I have certain signature items, a trench, 4 inch pumps, and too many bracelets.  However, my three favorites are classic tomboy items, my leather jacket, hanes v neck tees, and my husband’s jeans.  It’s funny that I’ve never worn them together for a post.  I should do that soon.

4. If money were no object, what one thing would you buy?
If money was no object I would buy ONE of every piece in Isabel Marant’s or The Row’s most recent collections.  That’s ONE, isn’t it?  I would own these beauties forever.  Totally worth it.

5.  What are your top five stores to shop at?
I’m not sure if there my favorite but they are the ones I frequent most often.  Let’s see:
Banana Republic:  For pants.  They fit my rectangular body very well.
Macy’s:  For shoes.  Macy’s has the best shoe sales.  $36 for a pair of Michael Kors?  Are you kidding me?
Target:  For v neck tees and my favorite man shirts.  Target is opened early and that really works well for my carpool duty schedule.
H&M:  For up to the minute items.
Zara:  same as H&M

I really wish there was a TopShop here.

6.  Who is your style icon?
Style Icon is such a strong word.  These women are more of a Style Mentor.
Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue:  I want to dress like her in 10 years.
Emmanuelle Alt of French Vogue:  I want to dress like her now.
Kate Lanphear of Elle US:  I used to dress like her 20 years ago. (Notice my hair?)
Anna Della Russo:  I’ve never dressed like her but I love what she does.  She is so unexpected.

As for movie stars, I really enjoy Angelina Jolie’s simple style.  When you have a face as striking as her’s, everything else should be keep to a minimal.  I like that.

7.  What has been your favorite blog post to write so far?
Here again, it’s not my favorite but it is the most powerful to me personally, Sugar Coated Pill.
I wrote it after a very hard week and I was hurting and needed some kind, encouraging words.  The blogging community stepped up and blew me away with their kind words and support.  I will never forget it.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Really?  In 5 years I will be waving hello to 50.  Yes, 50.

9. Why did you chose to start a blog?
A few years ago, my best friend CHICago and I would meet for coffee 3 times a week.  We would discuss what we were wearing, what other people were wearing, and what the people in magazines were wearing.  Sometimes we had time to go shopping.  It was a great time.  A year and half ago, CHICago moved to Chicago and I missed the dialogue we used to have.  I no longer had anyone to dress for (work didn’t count).  In need of something stylish to look at, I surfed the internet and stumbled onto The Satorialist.  My appreciation of style blogs began.  I thought about starting one for awhile after that.  If I did, I would finally have something to dress for and CHICago could see what I was wearing instead of trying to describe it over the phone or showing my outfit on SKYPE.  Finally, one night while I was out to dinner with friends, my good friend Matt started persuading me with a loud voice to do something with my “styling abilities”.  Matt more or less bullied me into it.  I started my blog the next day and bought a camera two days later.  Matt takes all the credit for my blog by the way.

10.  Would you like to share anything else?
Let’s see, for my 40th birthday my friends had a star named after me.  I will be shining until the universe ends.


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  1. good job! i love her blog too.
    btw, suze, i don’t think the link “Read my interview with her” works… just thought i’d let you know.

    • Thanks Maya!
      I tried it out last night, but I thought it might’ve been because I hadn’t published the interview yet 🙂

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