Sixteen is the magic number

Dress: Vintage
Shirt: Vintage
Shoes: So old they’re falling apart

(Wow I make the same face A LOT!!)
Today was a good day, even if only because the water main in front of my work burst, sending us all home four hours early!

I’m also really proud of my outfit, because it’s all old (shoes) or vintage/thrifted. It’s not often I have an outfit like this, because I have too much damn clothes.

Ever since Kendi started this round of the 30 for 30, and that I’ve been re-reading Alyson’s blog, I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe and why I have so much clothes. I don’t know if I’d have to guts, strength and ability to give up shopping for clothes as Alyson has for a year, but I’m beginning to wonder if it would be feasible. I certainly admire her ability to do so, and I like that she’s allowed herself to still be able to purchase shoes and accessories. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’m also working on a fairly lengthy post discussing it.

Will I or won’t I, that is indeed the question.

♥ Suze


11 thoughts on “Sixteen is the magic number

  1. Oooh love the pattern mixing! I find it hard sometimes to wear vintage/thrifted stuff together without looking like I stepped out of my grandmother’s closet, but this looks totally modern!

    Also hope your Dad is feeling well, and can’t wait to see you rock those red lips!


    • Ha- I know what you mean!
      The usual way I get dressed is put stuff on, walk out the door and never look in a mirror until about noon. It’s bad. The largest mirror in our apartment is in the closet, and I NEVER use it. I never know what I look like head to toe until I take photos!! 🙂

  2. I, too, have an excessive amount of clothing. I’ve been thinning through them lately, as I just recently moved, but I still am amazed by how much I’ve collected. It’s really unnecessary and has given me pause to think about my consumption and my definition of the term “need.” What I “need” is to reign it in! 🙂

    Love your vintage dress. So fun!

  3. To shop or not to shop?
    Sometimes I’ll find myself in a store with an arm load of clothes and feel down right disgusted with myself and my consumerism.

    What is it about shopping? This lust for new things, and this constant justification for it.

    I’ve had moments when I look at my amazon shoe wishlist and consider adding them all to my cart. Why shouldn’t I buy? What’s stopping me — why should I feel wrong?

    A year of no shopping would be tough.

    • You took the thoughts right out of my head.
      What is stopping me from just buying everything on my wishlist? Not wanting to go into debt, LOL.

      It would be tough. I’m considering some other alternatives… maybe I need to get a few others on board too, lol!

  4. i loooove this!!! What fantastic pattern mixing. This looks so great. ❤

    i really admire Alyson too, I wish I had that kind of dedication. I think it would be really interesting to do because I feel like after a year of not shopping you have a completely different mentality about shopping in general.

    • I was very proud, and I almost wore a white/yellow plaid jacket, but it wasn’t in my 30 so I couldn’t! 😦

      I am excited to hear how she wraps everything up when the year is over. She’s very inspirational and I hope she knows that!

  5. Ok, really, I was trying to be all stealth and surprise you BUT I have a big mouth. I’m joining Rad and Cynthia on the year long shopping ban. Rad already started. I’m starting August 1. Geez, I just couldn’t keep it a secret.

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