If I write it, it must be true, right?

Be proud people, be proud. I’m not going to make fun of another Modcloth monstrosity or a questionable necklace from Anthropologie.

Oh no. Today, I’m going to for something more… avant garde.

Before I show you this lovely piece, I want to give you some background on what avant garde means. No, it’s not just a sans-serif font. It’s a french phrase literally meaning “advance guard.” But when we, in English, use it as an adjective, it means something innovative or experimental.

In fashion, this usually refers to something that’s pushing the status-quo or the norm.

That doesn’t usually refer to a t-shirt with words on it. Nice try Forever 21.

This t-shirt is not avant garde. No matter what it says.

Oh, and way to NOT use the avant garde font on your “avant garde” t-shirt Forever 21.

Way. To. Go.


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