Four (finally!)

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Forever 21
Socks: Target??

Judgement cat strikes again!
I’m actually up writing this at four AM because of little judgment kitty. She woke me up. Grrrr….

I adore each and every one of you who commented about the hater yesterday. 🙂 It was really entertaining to read the speculation on who the person was and why they said it. And thanks for everyone saying I could pull off the headband (even though I wouldn’t want too- LOL!!)

I don’t know why I look miserable in my photos above- oh wait, yes I do. By husband got “cold” and turned off our air conditioner after noon. Then left our apartment.

By the time I returned home at 6 PM, it was about 9,000 degrees. I was pissed!

But now it’s nice and chilly, Joe knows to put on a sweater and never, never touch the thermostat again.  🙂

♥ Suze


10 thoughts on “Four (finally!)

  1. Suze, I love your wicked sense of humour :)), on another note, that dress is amazing, I love the colours and the prints, fabulous as always, HUGS, J, xoxo

  2. That dress is really pretty. 🙂 The shoes made you look cute with that dress… I think even Ruckus agrees with me there. XD I’m curious about the bracelet/bangle/watch… I think it looks pretty from afar and blends well with the dress’ color. ^^

    • Thanks!
      It’s a cuff, I guess I forgot to mention it. I found it about a year ago from either F21 or Charlotte Russe. It’s pretty, but poorly made!

  3. Suze, I love the first photo. I do. You can tell how irritated you are. It’s classic. We all have those days, don’t we?
    p.s. love you in vintage.

    • LOL- I should dig up an old photo I have of me and my father. I am about 16 and just GLARING at him. It is one of the funniest photos ever!

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