Three: Secretary stylin’ (and a hater!)

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Belt: F21
Necklaces: Gift, F21 and Charlotte Russe
Kitty: Meatloaf

It was raining, so indoor photos once again. Loafy joined me this time!
And this is a pretty boring outfit. I’m not really feelin’ it. I’m also super stoked to go on vacation Thursday. And yes, I will not be allowed to go shopping while on vacation. I’m allowing myself to go window shopping, or purchase non-clothing items (food, coffee, drinks, etc) but nothing else! We’ll see how I do.

Oh, and I got my first hater comment last night (go me!).
If you’ll remember, I wrote this post last week making fun of a slightly hideous headband from Modcloth. (My blog, my opinions). Well, someone named “Chanel” didn’t appreciate my editorial and left me this comment,
“I think this is def way too high fashion for you to understand. You couldn’t pull it off anyway, so no love lost, right?”
Wow. Telling me it’s too high fashion and I couldn’t pull it off. Two blows in one.

It’s a good thing I don’t want the headband, right?

It took over a year to get that comment, and I have to say I’m quite surprised. I expected to get a “you’re ugly” or “you suck” as my first hater comment. But that one? Seriously?

Must be a slow day in hater-ville.

Has anyone else received an “interesting” hater comment?

♥ Suze


39 thoughts on “Three: Secretary stylin’ (and a hater!)

  1. Oh Suze, don’t let the haters get you, just continue having fun, you look fabulous, seriously, love your necklaces and your cat :)) xoxo

  2. Kitty is so cute and I’m digging those accessories!! How long ago did you get them? Kind of want to find them at the store.

    I’ve received bitchy comments–nothing too out of the ordinary yet. And all of them have been from people who actually aren’t commenting anonymously so I don’t mind. As long as people are willing to stand behind their comment and their thoughts, I’m alright with it. I still don’t get why people get so sassy on the internet!

    • Thanks!
      The owl necklace, belt and beaded necklace were all really recent from forever21 (i’ll see if I can dig up the links online), and the orange/brown/teal necklace was from last year at Charlotte Russe.

      I don’t mind bitchy comments, but at least be willing to use your own name/email/blog. I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, which is totally fine, but c’mon! This is my blog, so that’s my opinion!

  3. So glad that hater comment didn’t get to you. I don’t know why people bother posting comments like that. Ridiculous.

    On the bright side, your blog tweaks look good. I’m liking the refresh! I’m not sure why, but your Google Reader image is a little grainy/pixelated. Does it look that way to you?

    ♥ V

    • I think they’re trying to make other people miserable. If I don’t like something, I don’t post it!

      Thanks! I didn’t even say anything about the tweaks, LOL. I like this font much more, because it looks like my handwriting. And, yes, the google reader image looks odd… I need to fix that, LOL!

  4. dear suze,

    you’re ugly, and you suck. that headband is too high-style for you, and you couldn’t pull it off anyway.

    but only, NOT!
    you’re awesome. let the haters hate.
    the negative energy they put out there will come back around to them.
    if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, right?

  5. OMG!!! It’s Loafyyyy! You’re so faaaat! XD I really like that skirt you have. 🙂 oh and that necklace too… and of course the fat cat! XD

    I had two haters already on my blog… they left a comment on my cbox before. I didn’t really care but I mentioned them in my posts anyway to warn other bloggers just in case they’d experience the same. Those haters are lowlife *put all the bad adjectives to describe em here* on the net whose expertise ranges on spreading hate and cruelty. If you’d be upset, that would only make them happy. Besides, you don’t really have to be affected in what “Chanel” said since we all know that you’re not what she believed you are.

    • Loafy is HUGE!!! She slept on my stomach last night and she was so heavy!!

      Haters are so mean 😦 You’re lovely and awesome. I wouldn’t mail packages halfway across the world for just anyone!! 🙂

      • Aww… thanks Suze. 🙂 I hope one day I could give you guys a gift too… maybe once I get a better job. 😉 I’d love to give something for Loafy as well.

        Anyway, you don’t have to be sad about your hater… for sure that person envies you a lot because you have more fashion sense and lots of friends to back you up anytime. 😉

  6. i’ve been lurking in the shadows eye-ing your blog. i think it’s fab. i think you’re fab!
    i had to post a comment today to give you kudos for handling the ‘hater’ so well. rather than ignore or lash back, you’ve met it honestly, openly and with cheek. love! :o)

    i have another confession. i am not the biggest fan of felines, but your cat is extremely cute. and Meatloaf…what a name! brilliant! sincerely. lol

    • LOL- thanks! I tend to lurk for a while on blogs before I leave comments too, haha.
      I’m actually kind of excited for my first hater 🙂

      LOL- I either have people love my cats, or hate them. I did get some requests to include them in photos more often, so I tried to comply! 🙂
      The other one is all black and named Ruckus!

  7. I love haters! They make things more fun.
    By the way, you could definitely pull off that headband. You’re just not dumb enough to want to.

  8. Ha! That hater has no idea what she’s talking about. “High” fashion to me mainly says “expensive” fashion, which I guess would be right on (an $80 headband? It better have a diamond on it–I know I’m exaggerating but just a little). Most of the outfits and get-ups from the runway would look absolutely ridiculous in real life, so why would that even be something to aspire to?

    Haven’t had any haters on my blog yet…no one reads it 😛

    • It looked like a fake email and fake name. I don’t mind someone leaving me a comment disagreeing, but at least leave your real info!

  9. Aww Loafy is so cute.
    At least your hater wasn’t hating on you (specifically). I would suspect that Chanel is just some devote modcloth lover (who thinks that modcloth is high fashion) and would defend even the ugliest thing (aka that headband) just because it graced the modcloth site. Because that headband was just awful.

    • I think that’s what she must be. But, every designer (or store, in Modcloth’s case) has some pieces that are just ugly! And some people just don’t get it!

  10. Loving the pleating on the skirt :).

    Once I got a comment on a blog I had posted concerning a very personal issue and the person was like “you’re just stupid and should die.” and I was like “whoa…..somebody needs a hug.” Lol. Maybe your hater was just trying to sound like they knew what they were talking about!

  11. First of all, this is so cute and also totally work-appropriate. (Which probably seems kind of -duh- to you but this is the first day after 3 years at my current job where I had to think about “Uhmmm… what looks professional?” I should have looked here for a great idea!)

    Second of all, I had to go read the entry you got a hater comment on. I think the headband is kind of cute, but I’m weird. Would I pay $80 for it? Heck to-the-no. It’s only $8 cute. And also I disagree with what the comment said. You could totally pull it off if you wanted to. 🙂

    • LOL! I tend to dress on the very creative side of professional!! 🙂

      I think my problem with that headband was the price. I would wear it if it was only $8 (or at least attempt to pull it off, LOL!) And thanks! If Modcloth wants to send it to me for free for review…

  12. Forget the haters, let ’em hate and watch the money pile up.

    But seriously: That it took a year to get such an inane comment is good! Means nobody is trolling around your little corner of the internet. Though when they do show up it’s quite amusing to us all.

    • I love that! I’ve been waiting for a troll, just knowing someone is coming… I wonder if this is opening any lurking floodgates…

  13. I cannot believe that someone would go to the trouble of leaving such a comment. Actually, I only enabled registered Google Users’ comments in so I haven’t had any comment of the sort. But then again, my blog is “younger” than yours! I do enjoy reading through your blog ever so much, so all I can say is please keep being fabulous and let’s see if the haters can step up to the plate? Haha xox

    • I think it was probably someone who loves Modcloth and was shocked someone could talk so poorly about them.
      Oh well! 🙂

  14. This reminds me of the Jeffery Campbell devotees who got mad at your friend/ sis? Cher for her calling an ugly shoe and ugly shoe. I’m not sure why you disliking an article of clothing would be taken so personally by a stranger. And I have to admit, the hat thing was pretty ugly.

    But opposite of ugly is your upcoming thrill of your v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n, and kudos for you for not shopping during that time. Proud of you.

    • Yes! That’s right. Cher (my sister) did get an argument about those shoes, LOL.
      It was just odd and really expensive!

      I do need new sunglasses because I just broke mine… does that count as shopping?!

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