Following the crowd: 30 for 30

I’m joining Kendi’s “30 for 30” (which Angeline is already participating in), but I’m a little late on the uptake. So, I’ll be a little behind, because I can’t be the same as everyone else, right? 🙂

Technically, this post from last week was day 1 for me, because all the pieces are included in my 30, so I’m counting it!

I’m also a little excited because I will only be able to take things from this mix on vacation with me, so we’ll see if I can handle it! 🙂

Here are all my pieces (with a few missing):
6 Shoes
Charlotte Russe black bow flats
Go Jane red heart sandals
Alice + Olivia for Payless wedges
Old, old brown wedges
Brown wingtips
Blue sneakers

2 dresses
Vintage floral dress
Vintage green dress

3 Bottoms
Old Navy jeans
Delias maroon pants
Forever 21 navy linen shorts

6 Skirts
Thrifted floral skirt
Urban Originals bow skirt
Thrifted silk skirt
Gap ruffle skirt
Tullette green skirt
Modcloth skirt

9 tops
Gold Target cardigan
Black Charlotte Russe cardigan
Grey H&M cardigan
Green shirt (Von Maur)
Target polka dot top
Black ruched top
Chambray button down
Vintage polka dot button down
Belted cargo jacket

The missing pieces are these four:

missing piecesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

They’re missing because they were in the laundry as I was taking the photos, and I can’t seem to find the jacket… I think it’s lost at the bottom of my hamper.

30 for 30 Banner

I can’t wait to get to remixing!
♥ Suze


14 thoughts on “Following the crowd: 30 for 30

  1. That’s going to be fun – better late than never, right?

    I love the idea of the 30 for 30, but I feel like I’ve been waiting to wear my summer clothes (and sandals!) for 10 months, and I’d hate to only get to wear 1/8th of them for half the summer.

  2. Some really great piece there! love the floral skirt! So pretty. and the polka dot shoes are sweet! Plus the jacket is so nice, hope you find it soon! I just joined the challenge so thought I would swing by and say hi!

    Daisy Dayz Home

    • Thanks! I tried to pull pieces that would mix and match well. But I’m also a big pattern person. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

  3. you have good taste…i have that tulle skirt in blue (love it! wear it all the time) AND that F21 cropped jacket. 😉 good luck with the 30 for 30!

  4. Hold on. Hold ON! You are doing the challenge AND going on holiday to Chicago. Suze, you are not allowed to purchase anything during the challenge. No shopping. Are you telling me that you will be in Chicago, with your sister, and not buy anything? Not even shoes? My dear friend, if you can do this, I will worship you forever and ever. I will tell my children of your frugal greatness, and they will tell their children, etc. Good Luck! 🙂

  5. Oh wow! Have fun doing this – looks like a great challenge (and um, if you shop in Chicago, I will NEVER TELL), I considered joining as well, and then I realzied I was too laxy to get the clothes together. Hahahaha

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