Happy mothers day?!

I know, I know. I pick on Anthropologie a lot. It’s just because they offer some hideously interesting pieces for outrageous prices. Sometimes I think they do it on purpose, just to see who would buy them.

Before I show you this robotic monstrosity, I have to preface with this: I do not dislike the mother/child jewelry trend that is out there. I think it can be done in beautiful ways. This just isn’t one of them.

Behold the robotic child with flower bosoms! She’ll only cost you $298.

The listing calls this necklace “a random collection of gems slowly taking the shape of a skirted gal with swaying pearl arms and a pretty hair bow.”

Um… I want a robot to make me breakfast, not hang out around my neck.

In case that photo isn’t enough to freak you out, here’s a few more:

I can just the model on the right thanking her lucky stars that she’s not the one wearing the necklace.

Oh, and “random collection of gems” my ass. If I had a piece of jewelry that randomly turned into the shape of a little robot girl, I’m flushing it and getting the hell away from the toilet, in case robots react to water like Gremlins.

Poor Anthropologie. They just keep making ugly things, and I just keep making fun of them.

♥ Suze

PS- sorry for all the random make-fun-of-stuff posts this week. It was a very off week for me, and I didn’t end up really wearing anything interesting. Unless you count my PJs, then I wore very interesting outfits! 🙂


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