Beam me up, Scotty!


I am slightly speechless on this one, so I’ll borrow a little of what the description says, “You’ll exhibit both good taste and high fashion when you wear this chic black headband with your evening gown and stilettos… An accessory so simple, yet so remarkably fashionable, is something you will undoubtedly want to wear over and over again!”

Yeah, I’m gonna have to disagree. The only thing you’ll be exhibiting wearing this headband is how much you love Star Trek and Lady Gaga.

Keep your $80 and buy something worth the money, not this weird headband that makes you delusional.

By the way, Modcloth, if I actually owned this headband, I wouldn’t wear it again. Except maybe for Halloween.

Yours in the land of delusion,


9 thoughts on “Beam me up, Scotty!

  1. LOL XD

    If you want to stand out and be the center of attention, simply wear that hairband… *sigh* This is Lady Gaga’s fault. XD

  2. Also, It’s EIGHTY dollars. Is it just me or is Modcloth delusional with that price point?

  3. I think this is def way too high fashion for you to understand. You couldn’t pull it off anyway, so no love lost, right?

    • Oh, Chanel…
      To bestow upon yourself such an iconic moniker conveys your enthusiasm and support of said icon. I, too, am a fan of one of the most brilliant designers of the 20th century. But unlike Chanel (of course, I speak of Gabrielle Chanel, a.k.a. Coco, the foundation on which the almighty House of Chanel is built upon, not the House of Chanel itself, to which I am certain your name is in reference to, because what kind of high fashion snob would name herself after a fashion LABEL and not the original designer?) the difference between fashion and fads seems to be lost on you.

      Coco Chanel pioneered a new age of womenswear. By utilizing jersey -a “common” fabric- in creative and well-made ways, she was able to shift women from simple “Form” (i.e. corsets) to “Form With Function.” (i.e. being able to take a full breath while dressed) It was by understanding how women needed to be dressed at that time (during the first World War, when resources in France were extremely limited) that she was able to make her mark in the fashion work as more than a passing fad masquarading as a luxury staple. Obviously, since you have such a deep understanding of high fashion, you will have recognized this “headdress” is nothing more than a passing fad.

      To those who say “Should I Wear It?” Sure, go right ahead and rock that fad. Seriously! Like jeggings, grunge, schoolgirl skirts, and clogs, it will eventually fade out and all you’ll have left is a hole in your purse where $80 used to be.

      I say wait for a $10 replica to arrive at a fast-fashion store (i.e. F21). Use the other $70 to purchase a fashion history texbook and study up, little girl; you’ve got a lot of catching up to do if you’re going to live up to your “name.”

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