The miniest mini skirt you’ll ever see (AKA- PANTIES!!)

You know, sometimes I was wake up and think, “self, I would love to dress like a ho today. I wonder if I can find something that barely covers my lady parts, in a leopard or zebra print, that is low enough in the front I’ll need a wax first.”

Then, I reach into my closet and realize I have nothing that fits that criteria because I’m not a ho.

But thank god for the internet, because I found the perfect “skirt!”
For those days you don’t want to worry about wearing pants (or a skirt, or really anything more than panties), reach for your “Prowl Leopard Print Mini Skirt”

For the low price of $9.99, which, let’s face it, is a little expensive for that little an amount of fabric, you can dress like the ho you keep trapped inside!

Sure, your butt won’t be covered, and frankly, neither will your front, but that doesn’t stop that inner-ho from strutting her stuff!

*WARNING* wearing this skirt may be hazardous to your health.

There is such a thing as TOO short, and I think this skirt has hit that mark for me.

♥ Suze

You know, I think I’m going to have to make this a weekly feature. I’m going to have to keep finding hideously interesting things and making fun of them. It’s so much fun. Don’t you agree?


8 thoughts on “The miniest mini skirt you’ll ever see (AKA- PANTIES!!)

  1. I can’t even call it a skirt… T.T I’m not being judgmental but I would certainly raise an eyebrow if I’m going to see someone wearing that as a skirt. Grit & Glamour is right, it’s a lot better if it’s worn as a bikini cover up.

  2. I will make the assumption that this skirt is designed for strippers and club dancers. I know this is only supporting that nobody but a major hoe would wear such a thing in public, but unfortunately there is a market for those type of garments. Hey, it’s not going to be on that long anyway, right? Might as well get rid of any extra fabric.

    And you should without a doubt keep this up as a feature! I always am simultaneously amused at your commentary and amazed that such things even exist in this world.

  3. Gah! If people can tell whether or not you’ve had a labiaplasty when you’re walking toward them, your skirt would probably work better as a belt!

  4. I do agree – $10 for a strip of fabric is a touch overpriced. Plus, with everyone getting a free show, how will you make enough money to afford it?

  5. I kid you not, there was a woman at the grocery store who was wearing a white version of this skirt. She had combined it with a cropped orange tank, leathered skin, and over processed hair. It was so bad/stereotyped I couldn’t stop looking at her.

    • Did you say “ma’am, I think pants can be found in aisle 2” and then run away? That’s what I would’ve done 🙂

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