The bubblegum alley

There is a really cool alley in Ann Arbor that is home to tons of graffiti, a bubblegum covered wall and an avid Michael Jackson fan who’s always break dancing.
I don’t know what it’s actually called, so I just call it the bubblegum alley.
Shirt: F21
Shorts: Gap
Shades: Old aviators
Purse: H&M

Cher introduced me to Urban Originals. She’s the reason I own these awesome buckle boots. I wrote about them a little before. I really wanted a pair of buckle boots, but every pair I found was more expensive than I was willing to spend.

Then, Cher come across this pair. I received a text message at about 8 am.
“Go to NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” It read, with about 7 million exclamation points.

As soon as I logged on, I knew why and I bought the boots immediately.

Yay! You can always rely on Cher for updates about shoes 🙂

Happy 4th!

♥ Suze


6 thoughts on “The bubblegum alley

  1. Yay! You already got the shoes. 🙂 They look good on you. It actually brought an impact to your simple outfit. ^^

    I like the background… reminds me of breakdancing. lol XD

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