You kill me with your kiss, it’s so hard to resist you

Tank: Jcrew
Skirt: F21
Shoes: DIY
Headband: F21
Necklace: Gift

Today wasn’t as hot as it’s been recently. I wore a cardigan at work, but was really comfortable once I got home. I think it’s the tank. I own about 37 of these tanks, in various colors. I always buy them when they’re on sale, because I can snag them for about $7, and they always look good.

I’m also pretty happy about pairing something other than purple or white with this skirt. Obviously, those are the easiest color combos, but I decided to go with the blue, since it’s there anyway. I think it worked out nicely.

I was trying to take my photos quickly today, because I had some particularly nosey neighbors hiding behind the tree. I said hi to them, but they just stared. Apparently it isn’t normal to be taking photos of yourself in your courtyard at your apartment complex. Ha.

And, simply because she was attempting to thwart my efforts, Loafy gets to be in the post:

120_5557Yes, she’s fighting with the tripod. No, she didn’t win.

♥ Suze

Title song: Boys like Girls- Heart Heart Heartbreak


15 thoughts on “You kill me with your kiss, it’s so hard to resist you

  1. Oh loafy, too cute!
    I love that skirt, the splatter pattern is so fun, i’d try it with some of your other tank colors, maybe coral?

    • These neighbors- yes. They’re the same neighbors who moved in and stole our outdoor doormat (we have separate apartment entrances.) And, the constantly leave their baby stroller in front of our door. BAH!

  2. Your cat is so adorable. Mine like to fight with techology too … she enjoys boxing with my keyboard. And then cuddling up to it.

    I still can’t get over your shoes. They look awesome.

    • Boxing with your keyboard? Oh, that sounds hilarious!!

      The shoes are actually pretty heavy. Not too heavy, but you can tell they have stuff stuck in them when you walk! 🙂

  3. bahahaha…. i love loafy.

    I had similar tanks like that that are from Ann Taylor LOFT and I have them in a ton of colors too because they’re just so perfect! I love the blue with this skirt, i think it makes all the colors pop that much more!

    • That is the first time I’ve been able to get a clear photo of her chewing on the leg of the tripod (which is metal, BTW). Every other time she moves too quickly!

  4. Err… I hate neighbors who acts snobbish. There’s nothing wrong in taking pictures of yourself.

    I like your clothes today… it looks fun & pretty. 🙂 The skirt’s nice and it goes perfectly with the blue tank top. 🙂

    And of course, Loafy’s soooo cute & funny. I love-love-love Loafy! 🙂

  5. I love loafy! Did you tell her that I will see her on Friday? I will bring plenty of stuff for her to chew on.

    BTW, where are MY DIY wedges?

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