Animal backpacks… ugh…

In a rare flashback moment to seventh-grade (I have blocked out most of my childhood), I am forced to relive the horror that was animal backpacks. What were we thinking, strapping puppies and bears to our backs and walking around wearing them?

I thought we, as a society, had outgrown that trend, realizing there were better purses and backpacks out there to fit our needs, and make our outfit “unique” or “special.”

Apparently I was wrong.

If you head over to Modcloth, you’ll find this backpack for sale. For $113.

Yes, that’s right. This stable dweller, better befitting a fractured fairytale, can now be yours for the low, low price of $113. Won’t you take him home today and parade him around in front of your friends?

Show them how much cargo you can store in his legs. And assure them the dead look in his eyes has nothing to do with being away from the princess’s castle and strapped to your arm instead.

Imagine how cool you’ll look on your first day as a high school senior, carrying around your steed.

Did I say cool? I meant ridiculous.

According to the description, “if you ca[rry] this creative carryall, it will make you a fashion legend!

Yes, but maybe only in YOUR mind.

Please, do us all a favor, put this pony out to pasture and keep the stuffed animals to your bedroom.

♥ Suze


14 thoughts on “Animal backpacks… ugh…

  1. bahahaha… this is ridiculous. it’s huge too… like someone gutted their stuff animal and threw a strap on it… it’s actually kind of creepy looking, honestly.

  2. Wow, this looks completely ridiculous! Why would anyone think that’s stylish?! I love horseys but where they belong, running around in pastures. This horse is creepy-dead looking with his button eyes. The price is even more ridiculous than the bad itself!!

    • I had a puppy one. I remember using it 🙂
      Besides, trends there might be different than here! I think it’s still popular to use animal bags in Japan?

      • Yea, sort of. Cute fashion is a big hit over there. Some people here prefers cute as well. As for me, I go for the comfy side a lot of times… but when I feel like being fashionable or lady like, no froggy bags for me then. XD

        But I think this pony bag is different… it doesn’t look cute at all. T.T I like ponies but not in my bag. T.T

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