Wingtips, brouges and saddle shoes.

When Joe and I were married, he picked out his tux himself. He’s got an interesting style, usually consisting of band t-shirts, jeans and some form of sneakers. But, when we got married he really wanted a white tux and wingtip shoes. I have to say, he looked pretty good!
(I do not know why his foot is touching Hakiem’s, or why it’s so close to Jay’s)
See? Wingtips!

Anyway, every since then, I’ve been on a wingtip/saddle shoe kick. Yes, I know they’re not the same. (Wingtips, or brouges, get the name from the W shape on the toe. Saddle shoes get the name from the “saddle” of black leather in the middle.)

Even though they are a slightly masculine shoe, I’ve been wanting my own pair. So, what do I do when I find this pair on Forever 21?

I cry, sniff back my tears and wonder if it’s OK to completely fall off the wagon. I have purchased two other things since those buckle boots last week. A 50% off Zac Posen for Target dress (yes, the brocade one with the giant bow!) and a bottle of shampoo.

When I get over that compulsion, I decide to buy the shoes. I mean, I’ve already fallen off the wagon, why not fall a little faster? 🙂
But, I did buy this color instead of the black and white version:

I didn’t want to relive this ancient memory again in black and white shoes:

Although, we were cute. (The taller girl is Cher, and I am the little one)



8 thoughts on “Wingtips, brouges and saddle shoes.

  1. You both look good during your wedding! 🙂 If you really wanted the shoes and you feel like you won’t see it again, then I guess it’s okay to fall off the wagon for now. LoL I like the one you bought to instead of the black & white color.

    Yay! Cute pic at the end. ^^

  2. How interesting and cool at the same time! I just bought the same pair of shoes at Forever21 and the same Zac Posen dress! 🙂

  3. Aw….I love the photos of your hubby and you, and you and Cher. So sweet! I like his wedding ensemble. It’s retro, and I like how the guys kept it simple but their ties were different colors. It’s different, you know?

    Don’t beat yourself up about falling off the wagon. If you could see the damage I did yesterday, you wouldn’t feel a shred of guilt. I’ll just add your guilt to mine.

    ♥ V

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