DIY Miu Miu shoes

If you read my DIY Miu Miu collar post, I hinted at making a few Miu Miu inspired pieces. These shoes have been in the works for about two weeks.
Awesome-Miu-Miu-Platform-Mary-Janes (1)
I was going for the look of these, without the crystal bird. I found a pair of t-strap mary janes at the thrift store, a half-size too small (so Cher will be inheriting my DIY results).

You will need:
-1 pair of maryjanes- look for rounded toes, thick heels, and a platform.
-Light pink and black paint (for ones like mine), gold and black paint or dark blue and white paint for others.
-Paint brushes
-Drawings or stencils of swallows, cats or ladies (whatever you’d like to use)

These are the shoes I used. I cleaned them off, getting them ready to paint. I was able to do a few coats everyday.
I painted the whole shoe, including the soles. It took about four days total to get the entire shoe covered. Once the pink was dry I went to work on the birds.
I didn’t put on as many birds as used in the Miu Miu shoes, mostly because I didn’t want them to look the exact same, and I thought they looked good with fewer.

Happy painting!



22 thoughts on “DIY Miu Miu shoes

  1. these are awesome congrats!! also congrats on the blogloving up and coming!! i dont have blogloving but have been thinking maybe i should get it? i follow my blogs on my dashboard but maybe it would be helpful for people trying to follow me.. i just dont know! x

    • Apparently I have been! I think it was because of the lack of shopping. But now I’ve broken that WIDE open, so who knows what will happen!

  2. since I get those shoes (yay me!) can I request more birds? I am just a bird-lovin’ freak!

    • Sure- we can add more next time you come here, or I go there. You just can’t wear them in the rain. They’re strictly indoor shoes!

  3. Very Cute! Too bad they aren’t my size! I remember having a flat pair of black shoes like this when I was a little girl.

  4. Nice!!! ^^ I want to do this too. What kind of paint did you use? I have a pair of pumps at home that I want to use for this DIY because it’s starting to peel off. 😦 I think I’ll try to come up with a cat drawing.

    Btw, about the thumbtacks diy, I can’t find silver colored thumbtacks over here. 😦 I was looking for thumbtacks last weekend and all I see were gold plated thumbtacks. 😦 I like the silver one better so maybe I’d still be searching for it next weekend.

    • Cher wants to make a pair with gold plated thumbtacks- she’d be soo jealous!! 🙂
      I used acrylic paint (you can’t go out in the rain wearing them or it’ll come off!)

  5. Cool shoes! The look is just fantastic!
    I wonder if you could find some durable flexible paint to get good coverage?
    I tried painting shoes once, but after a few wears it cracked in the places where the leather bent from walking.

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  7. I was just going to ask something which has been mentioned in the above post – do you need to buy special type of paint that will cover the leather and last?

    What did you use? Great idea … you should do another post later on to show how they’ve lasted!

    • I used acrylic paint, because it was what I had. You could also use indoor/outdoor spray paint or fabric paint.
      I also sprayed mine with an indoor/outdoor sealer, and haven’t worn them in water/rain (just because it would run and fade, etc).
      I don’t think mine were “real” leather, but I’m sure you could find special leather paint online somewhere. I just chose not to, and we’ll see if that decision was worth it! 🙂

      I think that is a great idea- I’ll have to revisit them after they’ve been worn a dozen times or so, to show how long they last.

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  9. i CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! this DIY looks so great!!! you are inspiring me to be bolder with my diy’s. i love redoing things. Style Underdog told me about your blog. i love your looks. great job. i will be back!

  10. I once painted a pair of sneakers in an art class, and before using acrylic paint we primed the shoe with this stuff called Gesso. It makes the second coat of actual paint more even, therefore you use less paint! My teacher bought it, so I am not quite sure where one can purchase it, but I’m sure you could find it at a Hobby Lobby or Michaels! Just thought I would drop a hint! 🙂

    • I have never heard of that stuff before! I also don’t paint shoes very often, but I’ll have to look into that for next time! Thank you!

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