DIY: Jeffrey Campbell TICK shoes

I’ve been staring at these booties for a while, ever since Cher sent me the link to them, trying to decide if I wanted to attempt to make my own or not. I caved. I used a pair of lavender wedges I had, because they’re totally badass (haha).

You will need:
Shoes with a wedges/platform that can be penetrated by the thumbtacks (mine was rubber)
Thumbtacks (I used about 1,000)
Hammer (if your soles are harder)
Gloves (I suggest these because your fingers will get TIRED and these will help protect them)
Fabric glue (this probably shouldn’t be optional)

I started with one shoe, in the very front. I followed the curve of the shoe around and tried to space the thumbtacks accordingly.
I underestimated the amount of thumbtacks I would need VASTLY. I originally thought 300 thumbtacks would be the correct amount for both shoes. Not even close. 300 didn’t even cover ONE shoe. I had to go back and order more! (I used about 500 on EACH shoe)
I went around and followed the curve a second time, overlapping slightly and trying to cover as much of the original twine as I could, without making the tacks stick out.
Third time round, same thing.
This time, I did it a little different. The front of my shoes fit four rows, so I kept the bottom row at the bottom of the shoe. I figured I would just fill in the middle after the row on the bottom was in. If you look at the picture of the JC shoes above, they follow the same pattern, although those shoes only have three rows in front.
See? It’s kind of in a pattern, but not really.
Ta da!
(Yes, my feet are turned out. You’re looking at the insides of my heels. Yes it hurt. My hips were sore after this photo… Haha)
The funny thing is some of the tacks had little marks on them, but once they’re on the shoes, you can’t even tell. I also didn’t glue mine down, but I should’ve. I knocked a couple out, as did Loafy because she fought with the left shoe (don’t ask). I have a few options I’m going to try, so I’ll let you know what works.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this cost me about $20. The JC shoes run about $150.

Any questions? It was really easy, and once I had ALL the tacks, it took me about an hour total, but I was lucky with the rubber heels on my wedges. It could take longer depending on how quickly you work and what your wedge is made of. My wedges are from GoJane, which has a variety of wedges you can chose from, many under $20! I also had to special order my thumbtacks from Detroit Pencil Company. I couldn’t find ANY at Target or Meijer. I think Staples or Office Max will carry them, but you might have to order them.

♥ Suze

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87 thoughts on “DIY: Jeffrey Campbell TICK shoes

  1. I love it! I really really like to create my own version of this one… ^^ But woah, 1000 thumbtacks are kinda many. I thought 500 thumbtacks should be enough. T.T But I guess since I have smaller shoes, I’d spend less than a thousand thumbtacks. 😀

    • I thought it was way too many too, but my shoes have a 4.5 inch wedge in the back and a 1 inch platform in the front. I bet you can find some that are shorter that would work!

      • LoL But really, this diy is really awesome. ^^ I love it sooo much! I think I know what to do now. I had an old wedge footwear at home which looks really old. I just remembered now… I think I’d use that instead of buying a new wedge. ^^

  2. Those are amazing! I never even thought of thumbtacks to recreate that look and now I can’t get it out of my head! I need to find the perfect wedges to do this to.

    • The first time I saw the JC shoes, all I could think was “those are thumbtacks!” It took me a little while to decide to do them on my own.
      It was really fun! You can also order the tacks online through Amazon too, and they’re fairly inexpensive.

    • I had a few other people (like my mom!) tell me the same thing. I think it gives a really cool effect if you only want a few “studs.”

    • Either that or spread the glue on the wedge before you stick the tack in. But I think putting it on the tack first would be best- that way you can move it around immediately if you need to without messing up the glue.

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  4. genius, Suze! I really didn’t like the JC ones, but I LOVE yours, I’m not sure what the difference is for me, but they just look so fantastic.

  5. This is like…ridiculous. In the best sense of the word. I may have to do this same thing if I can find a cheap enough pair of wedges, because my potential to botch the entire project is high. But I am most definitely inspired! Wonderful DIY!!!

    • I would recommend a pair from GoJane or Urban Originals ( because they’re cheap, so if you mess up, you’ve only spent about $10-15!

  6. They look fabulous! I’ve also been lusting after those JCs but I really love the contrast of the soft, pretty lavender with the tough tacks. Well done 🙂

    • Thanks! There is a really cool pair of wedge oxfords on Forever21’s website that would make a great DIY pair too, if you want something a little closer to the JC shoes.

  7. Your shoes look awesome. I actually like the lavender toughened up by the shiny studs. You did a brilliant and inspiring job.

    (hint; I think this would be yet another great post from you for IFB’s Links ala Mode)

    • Thanks Bella! 🙂 I was hoping the lavender would look nice and girlie and the studs would look badass! I want to wear them with skirts and pants!

      And I submitted the link to IFB’s Links last night! It might’ve been too late for this week, so I will try again next week!

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  19. AMAZING!!!! can’t remember how i came across this post of yours but now i feel the need to go thumbtack all my wedges, damnit… haha these are sooso fierce!! what a creative way to redesign your shoe to designer status. 🙂

    <33 [v] hobovogue

    • Thanks! I appreciate the linkback too! 🙂

      There is a pair of wedge oxfords at F21 that would give a very similar look to the JC shoes, if you’re looking!

      And, I hope you get to DIY a pair before your bday!

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  25. I’ve actually been wanting to do this project for a while, I just hadn’t found the perfect shoes to do it to. I wasn’t sure I could do it with a pastel color, which is all I’ve seen recently, but your DIY shows you can. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  26. Wow that’s the best DIY version I have seen yet!! Well done!

    I too have been looking at them for so long and figured it would take waaaay more thumb tacks than I could even imagine.

    Can’t wait to start mine too now!
    thx for sharing!


    • Thanks! 🙂 It did take many more thumbtacks than I thought. But, I also chose a shoe with a HUGE wedge/platform.

  27. I absolutely love these and want to do this! What is the diameter of the thumb tack? I’m not sure which size to get! Thanks!

    • Hi Maya!
      Ooooh- I love your DIY! I left you a comment about it.
      I love the tacks just on the inner part of the shoe- very cool!!
      ♥ Suze

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  29. You.are.awesome!!!

    Do you have any more DIY projects that you’ve done? I’m not familiar with blogs so i don’t know how to navigate this site very well :S…. either way, i’m a big fan of the work you’ve done so far! 🙂

  30. OMG
    these actually turned out PHENOMENAL. i love them, you did a fabulous job and NOW i know that i should take a risk and try it out myself! for new years shoes! beautiful!

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