WTF… boob guards?

My poor GoJane. I love your shoes. I have one of your tops and I love it. I’ve been searching for a dress to buy and wear everywhere. But then I find this one:

I’m a little shocked. The rose print is very pretty. But the zipper makes it very easy access for strangers. And the guards on the boobs look very odd.

As Cher said, it looks like Regina’s tank-top in Mean Girls.

Is the chest filled with candy, or turned into pillows? Or did the designer feel bad for all those with tiny boobs?

I can’t believe I said boob. I don’t even feel bad about it.

♥ Suze


8 thoughts on “WTF… boob guards?

  1. Again Suze! I’m crying over here. Oh, how I wish we were neighbors.
    It’s like a lone ranger mask for your breasts (I said breasts because my daughter is standing right here and she just corrected me when I typed boobs)

  2. That is just the ugliest dress ever.
    what designer thought that was a good idea?
    what merchandiser thought that would sell?
    i mean, to a girl who isn’t planning on working the streets.

  3. That dress just screams LOOK AT MY CHEST. I don’t know what the designers intentions were, but that is all it says to me.

  4. @ GritandGlamour: I just felt odd saying “BOOB” all over a post, LOL.
    @Beverly: OMG, we would have way too much fun if we were neighbors. I can only imagine how the block parties would go (haha!). And it IS the lone ranger mask for your boobs. I am cracking up in my office right now!
    @LyddieGal: I have no idea. It doesn’t seem like it would be THAT popular. I’ve seen some corset belts before, but none of them go AROUND your boobs.
    @Andi: Maybe that’s the point? 🙂
    @Lang: Of course I won’t! I wish the top was cuter, because the floral print is really pretty. It’s the boob area that makes it weird!
    @Asteria: Maybe it’s made to make the boobs bigger?

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