Miss American Pie

Miss American Pie
Shirt: borrowed from Cher
Pants: Michael Kors via Marshalls
Shoes: GoJane
Necklace: Gift
Sunnies: H&M

This is as Americana as I will dress up. I realize I’m a week early, but I don’t care. I’ll probably forget to dress for the 4th. And, it’s another day in a LAZY outfit. I swear, sometimes I wonder how I even end up matching my clothes. I was exhausted when I woke up, probably not as much as Jenni was, so still very tired.

And, you may be wondering how I can afford Michael Kors on my shitty salary. Well, truth is, I can’t! These are from Marshalls, a clearance item. They’re a tad too big, which is why they seem to hang down a bit and not fit me as well as they could. But am I really going to complain out pants I got for $20? Nope!

I can’t wait for the stupid tacks. I’m not a very patient person, so having to wait for them is REALLY stressing me out. Seriously.

I’m off to read a book!

Hugs, Suze


9 thoughts on “Miss American Pie

  1. haha, welcome to the i need more sleep club! =) I will be amazed if I remember to dress for the 4th. I might actually manage to though since I have to pack for it since I will be at my parents house, so some degree of prethought will go into it. haha. we’ll see!

    I love that shirt, I am a sucker for cotton shirts with ruffles down the front for some reason.

    • Not at all! Although you get to live in a really amazing country, they don’t have a Marshalls, which is sad! Does Greece have anything similar?

      • Not really. There is one outlet in Athens but the stuff doesn’t turn over enough. You can only really go twice a year. But I am going to be in the states in the fall and guess what my first stop will be? Sorry mom! 🙂

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