Clothing trade style challenge

I hinted about this earlier. Cher is back for the rest of the week, and while she’s here, we’ve decided to trade some clothing. This is our attempt to save money, while getting some “new” clothes for the time being.

This is what I packed for her:
(What a sad little picture!)
Forever 21 yellow chiffon shirt
Express black polo
H&M garden collection shirt
Charlotte Russe bomber jacket
Express red silk top
Thrifted brown and white jacket
Ombre skirt
Forever21 tanktop
H&M scarf

Our plan is to wear each other’s clothes during the next few weeks, and show how we’d style them. Cher is supposed to take photos when she wears my clothes and email them to me so I can show how she wears them.

Cher gave me a bunch of shirts, a scarf and some other pieces that should fit nicely into my wardrobe.

I’m actually wearing a shirt of Cher’s today, which I’ve attempted to borrow before and never worn. It’s a little outside of my comfort zone, which fits into the last day of my challenge (yay!).

I also order the remaining tacks I need for my DIY post (the amount will SHOCK you), which should be here tomorrow, so maybe I will be done with them tomorrow…

♥ Suze


3 thoughts on “Clothing trade style challenge

  1. Aww… I really envy the two of you. 🙂 I wish I had a sister to swap & trade clothes too… I like the accessories peeping in one of the pictures. 🙂 I’m so into long necklaces lately.

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