There’s a thunder in our hearts

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Thrifted
Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy (really old!)
Necklace: Gift
Ring: Gift
Belt: Modcloth

I wore another collared shirt, since I’m still a little apprehensive about them. And, per Cher’s request of wondering how I decide what to wear, I started with the skirt, knew I wanted to wear a black shirt and decided to wear the collared one because it’s still a challenge. After that, it all just fell together. The belt was sitting on top of my clean laundry and the shoes were sitting in the closet. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it today, LOL.

So, I’m still waiting for something so I can tackle my super awesome DIY post. But, to hold you guys over, I have a Miu Miu inspired DIY post coming later today.

I’m not really sure why I decided to wear such dark colors today, since it was frakkin’ hot out here. I have a feeling if I wore this outfit in the fall/winter, I’d toss on some brighter tights to help break up the dark colors. And, I poofed my hair again . Figured I should give the volume another go…

I’m off to clean out a pair of shoes for another DIY 🙂


Title song: Placebo- Running up that hill


5 thoughts on “There’s a thunder in our hearts

  1. I like the pictures today… they look like real pictorials, especially the last pic. I guess it’s because of the sun? 😀

    The outfit made you look professional. 🙂 The skirt’s very pretty (of course it’s purple ^^)!

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