Neon Ballerina

Dress: Vintage, Mother Fletchers
Cardigan: H&M, via a trade with What Would A Nerd Wear
Belt: From a different dress
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Pacsun

I don’t know why my hair is so high. Nor do I know why I look like a neon ballerina, but I certainly don’t care. This dress is one of those things I own that I love, but am not sure what possessed me to purchase it, because it’s NEON (and I don’t do neons), but am happy I did.

Anyway, my challenge for today was wearing a belted cardigan. Other bloggers and ladies get away with it SO easily, and I always feel like I’m failing when I try to wear it.Β This may seem like a normal outfit to many other ladies out there, but for whatever reason I am very uncomfortable wearing belted cardigans. I do not know why. It’s been a weird issue with me ever since I started following other bloggers and saw how cute they looked, and never understood why I looked goofy.

I think the thinner belt I’m wearing today helps, along with the poof in the skirt. Plus, the cardigan is a little longer, so maybe it was all about proportion before? Whatever. This challenge is helping me break out of my shell!

And yes, I’m wearing the same necklace two days in a row. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

β™₯ Suze

PS- I’m working on a SWEET DIY project, most likely to go down over the weekend. I’m way too excited about it. So be on the lookout for that next week! (Hint- thumbtacks)


13 thoughts on “Neon Ballerina

    • LOL- I think you guessed it! I have the thumbtacks on order through my work (they get them for about 50 cents a pack!) so I’m just waiting to get them now!! πŸ™‚
      I have a pair of lavender wedges that would be PERFECT to attempt the DIY, and they’ll be my own, since I don’t have booties like the JC ones. I’m WAY too excited to do it!

  1. I love this dress of yours cause it looks pretty good on you. I guess you don’t have to be scared of wearing a belt with the cardigan since it looks nice here. πŸ™‚

    And oh, this is the first time I’ve seen those shoes? I love it… ^^ I’m so looking forward for that DIY thingy. πŸ™‚

  2. Intrigued about the DIY…not sure I gather exactly what you’re doing even with the conversation going on in the comments, but I never said I was quick on the uptake! I’ll have to wait and see I suppose! πŸ™‚

    Oh, and the belted cardigan looks just fine! I had never noticed you not doing it before until you brought my attention to it! I’m sort of the same way with tunics and leggings…it looks super cute on others but for some reason I cannot bring myself to lose the definition of my waist. Maybe I should start trying things out and getting over my own fears…

  3. I completely understand the belted cardigan thing. I just started wearing one when I saw all the other bloggers doing it. Yep, I’m a follower. Still makes me uncomfortable, I have weird proportions. On you, it is very flattering. You should wear it more often.

    Hint-thumbtacks…What a tease!

  4. it wasn’t until I started blogging that I ever belted at cardigan, and now I do it all the time! I like it, especially over a dress.

  5. Love love love this outfit. I like the contrast of the striped cardigan against the floral dress and the color of the shoe (I *heart* colored shoes). It looks really comfortable but also very put together.

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