Feedback from you!

Ruckus would like to say hi!

I’ve decided to open it up for anyone to ask me pretty much anything. In addition, I’d love to get your feedback about what you’d like to see here. DIYs? Remixes? How-to’s? Videos? Something else?
Is there anything you’d like to see less of?

I really want to make sure I keep this blog up-to-date and engaging for everyone who takes the time to read it.

♥ Suze


6 thoughts on “Feedback from you!

  1. I want to see more of your beautiful kitty! haha. I know that’s not really helpful, and I’d like to say I’m looking for something more deep than that, but who am I kidding?

    • LOL- that’s totally fine! I was waiting for a “I don’t want to see your stupid cat” comment, and I’m glad I didn’t get one of those (yet… ) 🙂

  2. I’d like to see more DIY and how-to posts, please!

    And, now for some questions:
    Who is your favorite designer?
    What is your favorite food?
    How has blogging affected your personal style?

  3. Ruckus! ^^ You’re sooo pretty! Big hug to you! *big hug*

    Aside from asking to have the kitties (lol), I’d like to see more how to do stuffs. 🙂 They’re really helpful, plus during this times when I have to start saving money, DIY things is much much better than buying them from stores.

    Seeing you match clothes helps me too… I’m not really into wearing dresses and skirts before because I’m afraid to match them but your blog posts gives me ideas so I’d look good in them as well.

  4. I’d like to see more about what thought process went into your outfits. Like, which piece did you start with? Did you have an end vision in mind? I pretty much stumble out of bed and whatever I put my hands on first gets to be worn that day…but always with reeeeaaaaallllly awesome shoes.

  5. I love your outfit posts, your DIY posts, and your dressing room posts (it’s always nice to see pieces on real people instead of models and mannequins). Oh, and I really enjoyed those posts you did earlier this year on blogging (voice, copyrights, etc.). I’d be interested in finding out more about how your outfits reflect (or cater to) what your activities are for that day (like how you’d dress for different events).

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