Did you close your eyes as you walked away? Did I get too close in the pouring rain?

Did you close your eyes as you walked away? Did I get too close in the pouring rain?
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(Hey Brennan Boesch… how you doin’?)

Top: Thrifted (kensiegirl)
Pants: Really old Ann Taylor Loft
Tank: American Eagle
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Really old DSW
Ring: c/o Lushae Jewelry
Sunnies: Really old aviators

This outfit was about killing two birds with one stone. I’ve had these pants forever, but rarely wear them. In fact, I don’t think I wore them at all last year. There was a brief moment of time where I afraid of wearing white because it would be stained by the end of the day (I’m a little messy).

I’m also slightly opposed to pants right now, because I feel like they highlight my assets, instead of diminish them. So, taking the bull by the horns (once again) I shoved myself into pants that still fit (after three years! Go me!) and wore them to work, remaining far, FAR away from the coffee machine and anyone with ketchup.

I think I did well at facing my fears. I can always swallow wearing pants if I wear them with a longer shirt. I hate looking like I have huge hips, which pants usually do to me. I’m pretty sure that’s why I love wearing tunics so much- they hide my flaws.

I wore this outfit into Comerica Park, but changed into jeans a t-shirt to actually watch the game. I was not going to wear white pants to watch a baseball game, especially because the forecast called for rain!

♥ Suze

Title song: Mat Kearney – Here We Go


12 thoughts on “Did you close your eyes as you walked away? Did I get too close in the pouring rain?

  1. OH i so recognized that top!!! haha. ( i work for kensie). I can’t wait white either! never is white by the end of the day.
    These pictures are great too, so crisp….

    • Very cool! What do you do at kensie? Are you a designer?

      I was very proud of myself for getting through an entire day in white pants, with no stains! I’m sure the next time I try to wear them I’ll spill something on them, because that’s much more my style, LOL!

      And thanks! My sister took the photos of me, and I managed to sneak in some photos at the game before my batteries died 😦

    • It’s funny that you talk about the cut of my hair, because it hasn’t been, in about a year… haha. With the exception of my bangs, but I do those myself, in the bathroom… 🙂

        • I know what you mean! My hair goes in cycles- I grow it long and leave it that way for about a year or two, then chop it off (usually in a bob), then grow it long again. It’s a four year cycle I’m trying to break! I’d love for it to be a little longer, so I could attempt milkmaid braids and a fishtail braid, so I am waiting very impatiently!

  2. I agree with G&G. I did the intake of breath thing when I saw the necklace.
    I get the whole wanting to wear a tunic, things magically go away in such a chic way when you wear them.
    Speaking of G&G, thanks for introducing me to her blog. It’s a good one.

  3. I almost forgot…wearing your/my leopard print skirt today. Will post in about an hour. Waiting for my photographer to get home from middle school. 🙂

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