Worry doll necklaces from Anthropologie

When I was younger, I had a small collection of Worry Dolls.


They were fun to play with as a child, but I never thought of wearing them around my neck.

Apparently, the brilliant minds in the jewelry department at Anthropologie thought they’d made a great necklace.

Wow. It’s part candy necklace, and part worry doll. The seven-year-old in me in screaming out for me to buy it. Seriously. But the 24-year-old in me in saying “no frackin way.”
According to the description on Anthropologie’s website, “wee woolen dolls in the likenesses of Argentine couples and fuzzy llamas are strung from freshwater pearls and neon beads, recalling the vibrancy of the Seven Colors Hill.”
Hmmm… I’d have to disagree. But, that’s my opinion. I’ve outgrown the need to wear little people and llamas around my neck. Unless it’s Mardi Gras. But then it must be a real llama. And not around my neck. I’d just want to ride it. Can you ride a llama?

And, for the $198 they’re charging for the necklace, I would gladly string together some of my Worry Dolls and colorful beads. If anyone is interested, you know. Just email me. We can make some sweet necklaces. That $198 would pay for A LOT of Worry Dolls. My collection has been lacking lately.

♥ Suze


12 thoughts on “Worry doll necklaces from Anthropologie

    • They’re dolls that remove worries. Usually a kid that couldn’t sleep would tell their worries to the doll, then sleep with it under their pillow (they’re REALLY small). When they work up, their worries would be gone!

  1. Thank you for calling bullsh*t on this. That necklace looks like something my three-year-old niece would pull out of a plastic egg from a gumball machine. Seriously, did they have an focus group of 12-year-olds OK this? Sheesh.

  2. hahaha… i actually have a thing of those worry dolls in my car right now. Anthropologie gets some wacky ideas sometimes. Someone needs to work there just to say ok guys… let’s rein it in.

  3. I remember worry dolls!!!
    I never liked they didn’t have much in the way of faces.
    But a big no to the necklace – keep the chachkies on the shelf and off your neck.

  4. For that price tag, I would rather wear a necklace my little cousin made me than pay for all of that! Remove the pearls and it is quite tacky!

  5. I remember having these too! They are so cute! But I agree that this necklace looks like something cute for a little girl, but not a woman. And $198 is ridiculous – it looks like something I could make in an afternoon for like $5 lol

  6. I find them cute as well but I wouldn’t wear them as a necklace. Maybe I’d like it better if it’s a bracelet? ^^

    Uh-oh… but after seeing the price, I think I have to pass. T.T

  7. @ Grit and Glamour: I had to. I started laughing when I saw it!
    @ Jenni: Awesome! Maybe string them up and wear them? You’d be in style according to Anthro!
    @LyddieGal: Exactly!! 🙂
    @Kim: It really does look like a kids necklace. Not that I would ever spend $198 on a kids necklace…
    @Rich: It is an interesting idea, but not for a necklace 🙂

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