WTF – shoe edition

In what I can only imagine (and hope) was a mix-up over at Jeffrey Campbell. They’re selling these… clogs…

What… the… hell? Now, I love me a good floral print. It’s quite obvious that it’s one of my favorites.

But, on a clog?

This is a little odd to me. But not nearly as odd as the next monstrosity I found. Yes, they’re also Jeffrey Campbell. Apparently I can’t get over the hideousness of some of these shoe designs.

Before I show these to you, I have to admit that I LOVE a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Usually, if they have the unicorn heels, I’m golden. But not these.

They look they were tall boots, but got in an accident, and they shoved down, causing a weird scrunching at the bottom. Then, the designer thought “why let them go to waste? We’ll charge $129 per pair and make a fortune!”

Why can’t they just be booties with unicorn heels?? They don’t need all the extra ruffles!

It’s things like this that make me worry about the future of fashion.

Well, that and the fact that the 80s keep coming back. Lycra and neon wasn’t cool in 1985. It’s not cool now.

♥ Suze


12 thoughts on “WTF – shoe edition

  1. JC is so hit-and-miss for me right now. On one hand, I almost always love his flats, but the latest releases are just blatant ripoffs of miu miu, YSL, Givencey, etc. sad and unoriginal

  2. Hey, don’t knock the 80s. I lived them! What else were you supposed to wear to a Flock of Seagulls concert? Neon and Lycra were bitchin’ 🙂

    • I lived through (some) of the 80s too! It all worked back then, but there are some things I wish wouldn’t come back into style! 🙂 Maybe it’s because I can’t pull of neon lyrca…

  3. I’m with you on the unicorns, but i think the floral clogs are actually quite cute.
    I know from experience that it isn’t always the easiest thing to wear a floral shoe however, so I probably wouldn’t buy them. Plus, I already own these.

    • The shoes you own are cute! I’m not against floral or clogs, I just think these look a little odd. Almost like they were making two different pairs and mixed them together!

  4. I don’t hate the floral clogs, surprisingly…I can see them working. The second pair, however, I have no words of defense for them.

    • I don’t even think THEY have a defense for the second pair! But you know people will buy them and wear them!

  5. I actually dig the floral clogs. I really wanted a pair of JC clogs a few months ago, but when I was finally in a place to fork over the cash I couldn’t find them in my size. I might consider getting these.

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