This is what would happen…

If we let the designers at Anthropologie write biology textbooks…

Apparently a giraffe and lizard mated, and their offspring came out, looking mighty glittery, but slightly small. Must be those lizard genes.

But that same lizard, not content with his giraffe mate, decided to impregnate a peacock. And their baby looked a little backward. As in it has two heads, but no butt. I’d hate to be THAT guy!

Mr. Lizard and his super-sperm were STILL not done in the mythical land of Anthropologie-biology. Hope he’d finally found his true love, he got with a butterfly. Their child was the least freakish looking out of the bunch. But, I still swatted it when it landed on my wall. It was a little too freakish for me to let it live on.

Because of all the cross-breeding, the snail decided he wanted a forever mate too. He summoned up a phoenix, and since we have no idea what these mythical birds look like, the snail/phoenix baby is slightly horrifying.

In all seriousness, Anthropologie, WTF? Do these seem like good ideas, or worth the $128 (SALE PRICE) you’re charging for them?

I prefer my cross-breeding to be done in a lab, not on my jacket’s lapel.


9 thoughts on “This is what would happen…

  1. HAHAHA! XD I was laughing the whole time I’m reading this post. XD Those could’ve been pretty since I like shiny stuffs… but it ended up looking like animal/insect crossbreeding experiment. T.T

    • They’re just… odd. It was a unique concept, but the final product looks weird.
      I think they wanted to make something that looks like one animal one way, and another animal the other way (like the duck/rabbit thing). but they failed!

      • If the outcome of their cross breeding looked pretty, I think it would work. But the outcome look kinda scary.

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