The cat’s IN the bag, purring away!

My post today is less “what I wore” and more “what purse I used.” I got to my hotel room so late last night I was unable to take any good outfit shots. But, I got this one of my purse!

The bruises on my arms are still mostly blue and purple, but fading to green and yellow in some areas. That means they’re healing, right? I had a couple people ask me if I was in a fight (and if I won) and if my spouse beat me.

Um, WTF? I realize that it’s odd to see a woman with such HUGE bruises and people often assume things. Not to mention the bruises on my arms are in places someone would grab me, but alas, I was not beaten.

I appreciated the concern though. It was nice to know these few people would reach out to someone they thought was in trouble. And when I answered them with “no, I fell down the stairs. Literally.” They’d stare at me for a minute, wondering if it were an excuse, until I explained the WHOLE story (duckie panties and all!). Then they’d laugh. It’s such an absurd story, it must be true!

And, simply because I do not have photos of my adorable Muse dress to show you, here’s Loafy, sleeping in my bag.


9 thoughts on “The cat’s IN the bag, purring away!

  1. Hi Suze,
    I’m soooo new to this whole blogging thing, I JUST put it together that your sister is “Shoe A Day”. I know, pathetic rookie.
    Great purse!

    • Hi Beverly!
      LOL- no worries! We tend to switch between saying “sisters” and just calling each other by name… For a while, I don’t think anyone knew until we said something about our dad.

      Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Aww… 😦 I hope they’ll disappear soon. Yea, when they turn lighter (yellowish or something) that means it’s about to heal.

    The purse looks cute! But the bag won this time for me because Loafy is there! 😀 I bet you cannot close the bag because Loafy’s huge!! ^^ *big hug for Loafy*

  3. cats that leave the house?! what’s that like? our cats are terrified of outside!
    I too have a soft spot for anyone that love their cats as much as I do!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    • I can take mine for walks, and they’re ok! Ruckus (the all black one) acts like a dog, so she’s REALLY fun outside!! 🙂 Loafy’s more cuddly and fuzzy though, LOL. Cats are awesome!! 🙂

  4. I will always appreciate the feline attitude that every space is their space. And then say “awwww look at the kitten!”

    good to know there are still decent people in the world, and your purse is adorable!!

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