I’m in trouble now!

Alright, fine. Maybe it was a dumb idea to impose a shopping ban on myself. But after paying a speeding ticket, books for Joe for school and new tabs for his car (and needing to save to pay for new ones for mine!), it was high time we started saving a little money.

I was warned to stay out of stores, and not look online. But did I listen? No. I never listen! And while I wasn’t listening, and pretending that I could still shop, I made a list of the things I wish I could buy.


Apparently I like to torture myself. I’m thinking I might be able to DIY the dress with the bird at the bottom, but we’ll see.

I’m going to help my mom spray some weeds now. Yes, it’s about as fun as it sounds.

Hope you all have a good Memorial Day!


10 thoughts on “I’m in trouble now!

  1. I can relate! T.T I actually told myself upon the beginning of May that I would stay out of the shops I love whenever I’m at the mall which happens every weekend and not to visit shopping sites. As expected, I failed. I even bought a couple of dresses again and other piece of clothes.

    I like the stuffs you wanted to buy! ^^ I love wedges that’s why I like the two footwear on the picture. The mustache madness shirt is so cute too! I remembered your mustache necklace. ^^ The red printed dress looks pretty too. πŸ™‚

    Oh well, for now, let’s try our best to resist temptation. I’m planning to put up the ban again to shopping and compulsive buying. T.T I’m planning to get a new phone that’s why I have to save starting today.

  2. lol. i keep “banning” myself after a major thirft store haul. doesn’t really work. but it’s a great idea to not over consume, and you’re creative, so i’ve no doubt that you’ll keep thrilling us with outfits even without new recruits. Happy Mem day to you, Suze. -Bella Q

  3. Those floral peep-toes are just too cute. Stay strong.
    But also, if you are going to regret it for months, then just buy it. There were some turquoise pumps I wanted at H&M in February, but I was trying to stick to my One Shoe a Month Resolution and didn’t get them. Four months later, and I’m still wishing I’d gotten them. Yes, I saved my $20 and stuck to my resolution, but I’d be happier with the shoes.

    • So far, I’m ok. I have two giftcards to spend (since I got them before my self-imposed ban). But I really plan to stick to it. Unless I find something like those shoes that I can’t live without. πŸ™‚ I plan to be completely honest too, in case I can’t do it!! πŸ™‚

    • Unfortunately, I have a credit card and a debit card. But, I usually have self control. Especially because my mom can view my credit card and my husband can view my debit card, so if I don’t behave, they can call me out on it!! πŸ™‚

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