Does Loafy approve of my shoes?

What’s that Loafy? You want to see the shoes I got? Welll…

OK. Fine. I’ll show them to you.

Yes, I got the awesome shoes I wanted. But, I didn’t get them from Modcloth, since I have huge feet, and the largest size they had was a ten. I ended up finding them cheaper elsewhere, which was awesome. I’m super excited to style them, and Loafy even approves!


11 thoughts on “Does Loafy approve of my shoes?

  1. ohhhhh I love them! I have been eyeing those! What size shoe do you wear? I normally wear a 10, but every so often they fit a bit too snug. How great that you found them in your size!

    • Usually, I wear a 10. But I was reading about these, and the reviews I found said they fit a bit snug. I’m wearing the 11 right now, and they’re perfect!

  2. um, I don’t believe Loafy approves unless I see a picture of her sniffing the shoes.

  3. LoL Loafy looks snobbish in the first picture… XD But I guess the pretty box really caught her attention on the second one. The shoes are cute… but compared to Loafy, she’s still a lot cuter! ^^

    • I’ve got them on right now. I can’t figure out how to tie the ribbons correctly! They keep turning to one side or the other

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