What I got with my Modcloth gift card and why I’m sending it back.

Remember when I asked you all to help me pick out what to get with my Modcloth giftcard? Well, I ended up purchasing the mod tunic (the blue thing). I was planning to do a big outfit post with it, and reveal it at that time. Well, I’m sending it back, so I can’t really do that.

I already reviewed the product on the Modcloth site, so they’re aware. This is how I described it to Joe, “it would be a great top. It needs to be cut off at the waist.” And I believe that’s true. It’s a poly/rayon blend, so it hugs EVERY curve and fat roll you don’t want to share with the world. And, the truth is, I’m not a big girl. I wear a M-L tops and a size 8 pants. So I’m not saying this because I purchased a vanity size that doesn’t fit. I purchased a large. And it fit like a large. The major problem is the length and the fabric. And that’s not Modcloth’s fault. They purchase the clothes from designers. They have buyers who purchase certain pieces based on samples. The sample might’ve been impeccable, modeled on someone 5’10 and 100 pounds. That’s not real life, or real women.

But, anyway, to show you the truth, I put the dress on and took some photos. I haven’t edited these at all, and yes, I look awful (minus the chest area. That part looks decent).
So that’s my story. I’ve already packaged up the dress and am going to send it back. Modcloth has a great return policy, because for every lady like me that doesn’t look good in a dress like this, there are always a few that it does. I’m now trying to decide between the other items. I’ll let you know what I decide on, or if I pick something else entirely.


19 thoughts on “What I got with my Modcloth gift card and why I’m sending it back.

  1. Tucked into a skirt it might not be bad, but yeah… Definitely the wrong length. The side view is pretty slammin’ though! 😀

    • I was considering keeping and tucking it into a skirt. But I’d rather buy something else, LOL!
      And thanks! I do have a butt. That’s why I like skirts!

  2. Aww sorry… I’m one of the few who insisted on that one. I didn’t thought it would fit that way… I thought it’s made up of thicker fabric that would would fall just right in the body just like most tunic.

    Oh well, I think you could’ve just gotten the shoes or the mug that Cher wants. I love the background though because of the guitars. Yay! You also have a bass guitar! ^^

    • Oh, it’s ok! I really, REALLY loved the tunic. I’m glad I got it, even if I’m not going to keep it.
      I think I might go back and get the shoes. I’ve never had problems with shoes I’ve bought from them. Or maybe the mug for Cher 🙂
      I bought that bass for Joe five years ago! It’s so old 🙂

      • The shoes looks really cute too, it’s my second choice before.

        Aww… that’s very sweet! ^^ It isn’t really that old. 🙂

  3. I always thought tunics were supposed to be like…flowy…kind of…looks more like a super long 80s baseball top to me… 🙂

    The outfit you got at F21 today is WAY cuter.

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  5. I don’t think it’s a terrible on as you as seem to, but of course if you’re not comfortable with it that’s a whole other story. Another thing to note – it’s AMAZING what those shapers can do for fabrics/dresses like this. You might find it actually doable with the right under garment underneath. Not necessarily for this particular piece, but my two cents for the future. 🙂

    • I would just prefer it is a shirt. I can’t (and won’t) wear anything that short to work. I think it was just a big shocker, because I was hoping it would be a little longer/shorter because I wanted it to be more like a tunic.
      I was also hoping it would be a little thicker, but oh well! I can always find something I like, so I’m not too worried.

      I have one of those shaper things, and I do like it under some slimmer dresses 🙂

      My husband really wanted me to keep it and only wear it around him, LOL!

  6. That looks nothing like it does on the website! God I hate it when that happens when you buy things online. It looks rather nice on but I can see why you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it out (I wouldn’t be either!). Oh well, hope that whatever you get next time makes you happier!

    • l totally agree! But, since I couldn’t see it in person this is what happens! I knew it would be too short, but I didn’t realize the fabric would be so thin!

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