My day at the capital (in my vintage dress!)

My day at the capital
Dress: Vintage, Mother Fletchers
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless
Jacket: Tulle
Sunnies: Target
Earrings: Gift
Purse: Borrowed from Cher

I got this dress on Wednesday and I was so excited to wear it, I rushed home and washed and pressed it right away. At ten o’clock at night. Call me crazy, but I was way excited! I ended up spending all day yesterday at the capital. I’ve never spent more than a few hours in Lansing, with little time to walk around, so yesterday was a nice change. I was able to take some time and walk around the capital building and the downtown area. My feet will never forgive me, because I spent about twelve hours in these shoes, most of the time I was standing upright or walking up/down multiple flights of stairs.

I ended up convincing one of my colleagues to snap some photos of me while we were walking around, so these photos are courtesy of John (and my husband!). All the ones of the building and awesome ceiling are mine. I made Joe take the very first photo about 30 seconds before I jumped in my car and drove away, so I look slightly grumpy. I’m grumpy because the car I was driving only had radio, no CD player, so I couldn’t listen to the awesome CD I made. Boo.

If you’ve never been to Lansing, or rarely (like me), you’ve probably never been inside this building. The dome is painted with a starry sky with murals all the way up. if you stand immediately underneath it, you’re on a cloudy glass tile floor. I stood smack-dab in the middle and looked so far up that I nearly fell backward staring at the top of the dome (whoops!).
Michigan Capitol Building (inside) - 5-20-10 014
I had one lady stop me and tell me she wore a similar dress (in blue) to her graduation and was very excited when I told her I was wearing a 60s dress. Another person stopped me, because I looked like his daughter from behind. It’s nice to get compliments like that! šŸ™‚
There are a few different floors you can actually walk up. We went up to the third floor. If you can see the balcony in this photo, it’s really far up the dome. You have to be on a special tour to be able to go up there. I also didn’t want to go all the way up there in heels. Bad idea.


13 thoughts on “My day at the capital (in my vintage dress!)

  1. I love state building. The ceiling is so amazing. Your dress sort of matches! šŸ™‚

  2. Wow! The dress is so pretty! It suits you well! It also compliments your red hair. ^^

    I like the dome ceiling! Good thing you took many pictures. šŸ™‚ I love the stars part on it. ^^

    • Thanks! The dome is so cool. I wish it weren’t so high, LOL. I’d love to go all the way up. Apparently, if you go to the top part, it’s only 5 feet across, so you can almost touch the other side!

  3. That’s an amazing building. I’ve never been to Michigan. And that dress is totally fabulous!

  4. my grandfather’s (a great great one, obvi) civil war uniforms is on display in the Michigan capital! šŸ™‚

  5. that dress is so beautiful and perfect for summer! I so wish I had one like that!

  6. that dress is perfection! and if looks fantastic on you.

    and the inside of that dome is so beautiful, the one picture of it looks like a paining!

  7. That dress is so pretty, and just right for you!

    I’ve never been to Lancing and am really pleased that you have posted the photos of this wonderful building.

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