Cher and some Jeffrey Campbell Controversy

If any of you follow Cher from Shoe-a-Day on Twitter, you may have caught wind of the controversy currently going down.

Last week Cher posted her Ugly Shoe of the Day, highlighting an interesting pair of Jeffrey Campbell booties. Apparently, the JCshoes twitter account found her post (and tweet) and retweeted it, shocked they could produce an ugly shoe.
Bytheway- it should be “wins,” not “whens.”

And, apparently some other fans were also shocked:

You know what? I’m a fan of JCshoes, but not when they’re this ugly.


12 thoughts on “Cher and some Jeffrey Campbell Controversy

    • I find it interesting that JCshoes was shocked they could produce anything less than attractive. I’m sorry, but tribal print and thumbtacks do not go together.

  1. hey no publicity is bad publicity! (for Jeffery Campbell or for Cher’s blog). I think they are supremely fugly… so I don’t know why people are shocked.

    • It’s partially because they are a not-good ripoff of some amazing Givenchy shoes from Spring 2010. And partially because they ARE just ugly. I don’t have a problem with shoe patterns, but OY!! this looks like a Rorschach test gone very, very bad.

    • LOL- I think so people are so loyal to a brand, they don’t believe that anything ugly could come out of it. But it happens, and it happens to every brand! šŸ™‚

  2. Err, come on. Those pair are ugly no matter how I look at it. T.T But I guess it’s a matter of taste and perception towards things. As for me, I prefer pretty and cute shoes than futuristic looking shoes.

    They should also respect Cher’s opinion… customer’s always right after all. ^^

  3. ha, ha! thanks for the laugh… they are quite interesting!!

    love your blog… and the photos of you in that mint hat worn a few posts prior… beauty!

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