Help me choose what to get

I was lucky enough to win Modcloth’s I-Spy on Twitter Thursday. I’ve narrowed my choice of what to get down to three items, but I need some help chosing what to get. So I figured I’d show all of you what I’m thinking of getting, and have you all vote on what I should get.

These are the three items I’m considering:

I’m trying to decide between the shoes, the dress and the tunic. I was trying to decide what I’d wear with each, and where I’d wear them, and I kinda got stuck. The dress is long enough to wear to work, but I’m have to wear a sweater or cardigan over it. The tunic is really cute, but I’m not sure how low the top might be. The shoes would go with lots of stuff, but again, I’m having a bit of a brain fart.

So, dear readers, which one should I get?


18 thoughts on “Help me choose what to get

    • That was my first reaction- but now I’m stuck 😦 I wish I could get all three! But we all know that’s not a good idea!!

  1. i vote for the dress as well. I think it could be very versatile depending on how you style it. And it’s so very cute! It will look great on you!

  2. Tough question. LoL I’m torn between the shoes and the tunic. T.T I like the shoes because it’s super duper cute while I like the tunic because I imagine you wearing it and I’m sure that it will look good on you. Maybe wear a white tube or top inside just in case it’s too low?

    I’m not sure… but I’d be picking either of the two for you. 🙂

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