My trashcan barfed on me.

I don’t understand what this new obsession is with grabbing as much clothing or accessories as you can and wearing them all at the same time. It’s almost like we want to prove how much stuff we own. Well, I can admit I own WAY more clothes than I need. But I don’t want to look like an Olsen twin! The look reminds me too much of a bag lady. I don’t need to look like I spent the night in a shopping cart in the park. I have enough trouble trying to figure out how to NOT look crazy on a normal basis.

But now Anthropologie is jumping on the bandwagon. Ah, Anthropologie. You and your overpriced nearly knotted necklaces and crazy expensive skirts (that I could make myself for half the price). You’ve completely lost yourself in bag lady land today. As I was scouring their site, looking for something I could make myself in about two seconds, I found this:

The description goes on to say, “raffia rings, Lucite links, carved cabochons and faceted flora form a brilliant collection of trinkets beneath a pleated grosgrain strand.”

Um… what? This seriously looks like someone grabbed a ribbon, threw on a few broken necklaces, attached a couple pins and old earrings and walked out the door. But, since mom says if I can’t say something nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all, I’ll end with one nice thing about this necklace. I like the coral color.


3 thoughts on “My trashcan barfed on me.

  1. I think I could make this myself… LoL I’ll try to search some broken peace of jewelry and do something like that. XD

  2. i’ve made my friends anthropologie-replica stuff before (sometimes a little toned down from the original designs), its not really too hard and its a hell-of-a-lot cheaper!

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