My poor car!

So, there will most likely be a lack of an outfit post tomorrow, unless I warm up and put my outfit back on to take a photo. I looked cute today too, which bums me out.

I was running an errand for Cher after work today, driving on a road I seldom go down. I’m slowing down, because the person in front of me is turning right. I check my mirror, because I just do that and I see this car barreling down on me.

I brace for impact.

Unless you’ve been in a car accident, it’s really hard to describe the sound. It’s a mix of metal on metal, crunching plastic and breaking glass. I’ve only been in one other accident, almost exactly two years ago, and it was nearly the exact same thing. Someone hit me from behind during a rainstorm.

I scream “MOTHER F*CKER!” as I’m slammed forward. My airbags don’t deploy. I breathe in deeply as I wait to see if it’s over. I pull forward slowly into a parking lot and park the car neatly in a spot (not that it matters!). I have visions of the damage growing in my head. I’m wondering how much of my car is still there.

It’s pouring rain, only 40 degrees out. I step out of the car in my thin dress and sweatshirt, blinking into the mist.

“Are you ok?” I call to the other driver, who’s having a hard time opening her door. She nods. I walk to the back of my car and see this:
It’s not so bad. But if you look closely you’ll see part of HER car stuck in my bumper. That was some impact to be able to do that!

I then turn around to check out the other car, hoping for a similar reaction. Not so much.
She was going so fast, her hood was pushed back! She couldn’t even get the car to start again.

I called Cher right away, and told her what was going on. She immediately called the police for me and explained the situation, told them I was alone and to hurry over there.

The lady couldn’t find her proof of insurance, and I was afraid she was going to drive away, so I snapped a quick pic of her licence plate.

The cop showed up and asked up both what happened. While he was writing up his report, I called Joe. It was a eerily similar conversation to the one we had two years ago.

“Hi Joe.”
“Hi Sue.”
“Look, I’m OK, but someone just rear-ended me. I called the police and they’re filling out a report. I will let you know when I’m on my way home. What’s for dinner?”
“Sue, you sure you’re OK? Do you need to go to the hospital (he went through EMT training)”

It goes on like that for a bit. I want to talk about food, he wants to talk about how I’m feeling (fine, bytheway).

By now the cop has returned and give me back my stuff and a claim number. He wishes me a better day and tells me I’m free to go.

Now the fun part begins. I have to call my parents. I haven’t talked about them much here because #1) my mom reads my blog, so I can’t be mean (not that I would!) and #2) sometimes family stuff is private. But, anyway, I call my mom as I’m driving away (I have the Sync system in my car, so it’s all voice controlled BTW).

“Hey Sue!” My mom sounds very excited.
“Hi mom, will you be at work tomorrow?”
“Yes, except at 1 pm we’re leaving for dad’s class.”
“Ok, well, someone hit me, so I’ll be there at 8 to have you guys look at my car.”

Silence. I think this is when my mom was informing my dad of what happened. And my dad responded, but he’s lost his voice and won’t get it back for a while, so he speaks very quietly, but he also has to be very deliberate with what he says.

“You ok?” Mom has surfaced! I explain everything that happened to her, and hangup.

I’m home, and Monty (yes, my car has a name) is safely in the parking lot, waiting for my appointment with the car shop tomorrow to  estimate the damage.

Until then, I am going to nap, watch Glee and relax.


10 thoughts on “My poor car!

  1. Bad day I know, but at least you’re not hurt or something… at least you’ve prepared yourself before the impact. Another good thing is that your parents (right?) works at Ford… I think it will be easier for you to get appointment and to have the car fixed too.

    I hope everything will be okay from now. 🙂 Umm, I think the car that hit you isn’t Toyota but a Honda? The Honda logo is at the rim… or maybe it’s just the rim?

    Get well soon Monty. 🙂

  2. Toyota’s are the stupidest cars. This proves why. Glad you’re OK& I hope your car will be easy to fix! xo ❤ -em

  3. Oh no!!!! Car accidents are the worst! I am so glad that you are OK, and that there was minor damage to your car though! I hope you get everything sorted out with ease.

    Thank you so much for bidding on my flood relief auction last week. You rock!

    • It was really freaky- I’ve only ever been in one other accident, two years ago last week, and it was the same thing! Some guy couldn’t stop and hit me from behind! I’m taking in the car tomorrow, so I hope it’s better soon!

      I wish I could’ve bid more! But I’m so happy the winning bed was so much! 🙂

  4. Yuck! That is awful. At least is wasn’t your fault and your car isn’t too badly damaged. But still, not something anyone should have to go through.

    Hope tomorrow is better!

  5. Oh man, I hate accidents. I understand what you mean about the sound–I was hit by an 18-wheeler on the freeway last year (fortunately we were only going 10 mph), and the sound was hideous! Needless to say, that was the end of my car, and there wasn’t even a scratch on the big rig! I wasn’t hurt at all, but I can’t get that sound out of my head.

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