Shoes… oh holy crap…

I’m feeling like Cher a little bit right now. I usually don’t get super enthusiastic about shoes. They’re not usually the thing I think about. I tend to obsess over dresses, skirts and jewelry. I leave the shoes to Cher.

But I’ve been obsessing over this pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a while:

But, I can’t afford $200 for a pair of shoes. Call me crazy, but I haven’t spent that amount of money on anything lately, save for a car payment or two.

So, as bummed as I am that I can’t buy those, I’ve been searching for a similar shoe, with few results. It’s hard to find shoes to fit the giant, to be honest. Most places carry only one or two pairs of 10s and I’m lucky if any have an 11! (I’m between sizes, depending on the shape/fit).

But, as I was perusing Amazon, I found a brand that I KNOW fits me as an 11, and I found these:

And they’re only $80.

Mom, Cher, if you’re out there- please get them for me for my birthday!

Love, me.


6 thoughts on “Shoes… oh holy crap…

  1. Yay! They look pretty much the same. 🙂 I hope you’ll get them on your birthday… but wait, when’s your birthday? ^^

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