kiss kiss bang bang

kiss kiss bang bang
Pants: Delias
Dress/shirt: Won from Delightfully Tacky and Modcloth
Shoes: F21
Cardi: Jcrew
Necklaces: F21 and Charlotte Russe

So this “dress” is not a dress at all, it’s a tunic. It ends about a centimeter below my butt. Ah well, it’s pretty, it’s just very short!! (I’m 5’8, in case anyone hasn’t heard yet).

But, anyway, I love it very much and I tried to imitate my outfit that won, even though I don’t really have all the pieces and I was trying to make sure my butt wasn’t hanging out.

I still can’t believe I won, but this awesome dress (tunic) is proof I did! Yay!

I also played volleyball for HOURS last night. If you follow me on twitter you know I started my first game at 7 and ended my last game at 10. That’s 9 games in three hours!! AHHHH! I have a feeling I will be sore for the next few days.

And, I’ve got a really cute re-design coming, and I’m really excited about it! It’ll make my title fit in a little more 🙂 And I love to design crap, so we all know I’m having WAY too much fun with it.


3 thoughts on “kiss kiss bang bang

    • It really is funny to see how it looks different on everyone! I think What I Wore and Sally Jane Vintage are both about my height, while some of the other ladies are shorter. It’s just amazing that designers think a 31inch length in a garment makes it a dress (and thats in the large too!)

  1. The top looks good on you although you’re tall. 🙂 I like how you matched it with the pants. That necklace is so pretty too!

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