I could make this- Anthropologie edition.

Alright, look. I love Anthropologie as much as the next girl, simply because their clothes are usually beautiful and their window displays are always amazing.
But, I often find myself checking out their jewelry thinking “I could make this.” And today, I’m going to show you the steps to make three lovely necklaces.

The first is this amazing beauty that they’re charging $128 for:

Step one: Find a covered cord.
Step two: Start making a knot, but don’t finish it!
Step three: Attach random beads and a peach ribbon.
Step four: Attach clasps
Step five: Admire your hard work that cost $5.

Next up is this delightful piece that retails for $168.

Step one: Dig out that scarf you own.
Step two: Tie it around your neck.
Step three: Add a long strand of pearls, real or fake.
Step four: Laugh as you save $168!

And, finally, this is the necklace that tipped the scales for me. Retailing for $29.95, the most overpriced rope you’ll ever find!

Step one: Buy rope, or steal it off a boat. (Just don’t get caught!)
Step two: Tangle it.
Step three: Sew or glue the tangled areas together
Step four: Add a little gold detail, could be chain, could be an old tooth. Whatever’s lying around.
Step five: Attach the clasp

And you’re done! Now, if you didn’t know before, obviously this is joking around, but seriously. $168 for a scarf and FAKE pearls? You’ve got some nerve Anthro. You really do.

PS- Cher was my inspiration for this post. She sent me the picture of the rope necklace!


8 thoughts on “I could make this- Anthropologie edition.

  1. LOVE THIS! Seriously, though, usually when I go shopping, thinking “I could make this” is a really good way for me to keep myself in check, even if I never actually make it.

  2. Ha the rope one is the the one of the three that I would think I would have the hardest time recreating myself, so it’s funny that it’s the cheapest by $100.

  3. So cute! I want to try the first one! It looks very easy plus I can find the materials at home. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, I love the new layout! Cheers! ^^

  4. Oh man. I am always thinking ‘I could make this’ and these are perfect examples — anthro is crazy!!!! No wonder F21 rips off their jewelry and sells it for $5.80.

    I think you should do it, make all three and post pics!
    Maybe I will too, ahahah.

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