Blogging voice part 2

So yesterday I started talking about your blogging voice and why I like/dislike it. Well, not yours in-particular, but some bloggers.

And what I want to elaborate on today is how to find your unique voice, and some of the comments you left, because they’re very insightful and I think this open dialog can help us all!

Angeline wrote “I struggle with how much personal stuff to infuse into my blog, but tone-wise (I pay attention to these things, too) I try to be consistent (or stop trying to be anything other than me) among online platforms and in real life. I think more than anything I fear coming across as too wordy and try to keep it short so that people don’t stop reading because my posts are too long.

Alya also touched on the same subject, “I strive to present myself as “real” but to be honest the “real” me is sort of abrasive and inappropriate. I do use a rather broad vocabulary and pretentious voice in life, but I also curse a lot.”

I think both Angeline and Alya raise a good points. How much personal stuff do you infuse into your daily posts? How much of the “real” you do you show if you’re slightly abrasive (by the way, Alya, you don’t come across as such!) For me, I guess I talk about as much as I am comfortable with. I sign my posts with my name, you know what state I’m from, what my husband’s name is and what my cat’s names are. But what’s comfortable for me may not be comfortable for you. I also tend to swear a lot in real life, like Alya, but I try to keep it out of my blog because I’ve offended a person or two in real life by swearing and would rather not offend someone I’ve never met. Unless it’s Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. Then I’m gonna offend them all day long (you’re both washed up and need to take a break!).

Rich brought up a great point with her comment “I think that’s just the way it is… some people don’t show they’re true colors on their blog. One reason maybe is for them to gain popularity.”

It made me stop and think. If you’re a rude, crass person in real life, and wrote your blog the same way, would anyone follow it? I’d have to say no. There is a difference between being snarky, and being rude. If you’ve ever read Regretsy, it’s totally snarky. April makes fun of craft products, but it tends to be all in good fun. She also raises money through the blog, and helps out some sellers that have been in bad situations.

I started this blog a year about a year ago, and I think my “voice” has stayed pretty consistent. I’ve always had the same writing style, which might be good, or bad. I wrote 15 page and 25 pages papers (high school and college, respectively) with the same voice and went on to write for my college newspaper without changing. I think it might’ve been easier for me to stay the same, since I was always writing and this isn’t the first blog I’ve had.

But how do you find your voice? Especially if you’re new to blogging and you want to start out with something good and meaningful?

Just write. Write your post, then go back and reread it to edit it. This is how I write all of my posts. I just sit and write them. It’s the best way to keep them real and natural. And you can edit yourself to not swear or to use specific words, but you don’t need to change who you are. That’s not what people want to read.

I’m going to try to keep this blogging series going, simply because I think it’s useful. If you have any idea, suggestions, questions but don’t want to leave a comment you can head over to my formspring and leave one there 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blogging voice part 2

  1. I’ve never really had a problem finding my voice, and I don’t have too much of an issue with sharing personal stuff — stuff that is interesting (or at least i hope is interesting), anyway.

    I used to worry a good deal about what I put on the internet – my name, my face, where I live – But now, if someone wanted, I’m sure I would be all too easy to track down. (YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE!) But I have enough trust and faith in human kind that I will be able to live and blog and not have some crazy person stalking me.

    • I do have your address… LOL 🙂
      Thats true though. For the right price, they could find out everything about you, so why should we hide? LOL!

  2. i am right there with alya and angeline. I do struggle with how much to share. I am most certainly inappropriate and… sometimes borderline crass in real life (depending on who I’m with). I swear like a sailor, I burp in public, and I make inappropriate dinner conversation with my friends…. but I read Emily Post and anytime I am outright right rude to anyone (even if they deserved it) I obsess over it for days. And I’m long winded… I think it’s genetic becuase my mom is the same way. And that is one of the things I struggle with most. How to edit myself. Because I feel like every side comment or detail is important to the story… when it could probably just as easily be told with out many of those things and still makes sense. I sometimes go back and read my posts and wonder if people are actually reading them at all becuase they’re so long and rambley and jump from here to there (much like this comment, I might add). But then I can never decide what to remove to make it more concise. And its funny because I’m exactly the opposite in business and when I was in school. I was the one who condensed down and made things concise yet effective. But for whatever reason that doesn’t translate into my personal realm of life.

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