May the Fourth Be With You!

Yes, I am super huge uber dork. It’s Star Wars Day!

And, simply because I can, I have put together a couple outfits inspired by some of the Star Wars charracters (don’t worry, I won’t add lightsabers. I don’t think most normal people can walk around with them all day and not look crazy. I’ve tried.)



c3po r2d2

I don’t think my weird little outfits need any explaination. LOL. That is all. May the fourth be with you 🙂 Happy Star Wars Day!!


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  1. I grew up watching Star Wars. 🙂 We have the old Trilogy CD’s before although I dunno where they are right now. Me & my brother used to watch it over and over again. ^^ So I guess we’re dorks as well. XD

    I like the white dress on the first set. I’ve been looking for a pretty white dress that looks casual enough to wear at work but most piece I see looks too glam. LoL XD

    The hairpiece on the second set rocks! ^^ Do you own one? I hope you’ll feature it next time. ^^

  2. ahahahahahhaha. ok amazing. I’m a huge start wars dork too, so this made me smile. I should drag my dad back to Hollywood Studios to ride the star wars ride again.

  3. That’s so cute! I see the inspiration and yet don’t think anyone would come off as a complete wacko if they wore any of these.

    I was Princess Leia at a work dress up day a few months ago…I even went to the “ethnic” hair store and bought two giant buns to pin to my head. It was pretty good, actually, too bad I never took a picture. 😦

  4. LOL. I loved this reference. Also, totally didn’t get that this was Star Wars Day when people said this line to me on May 4th. I just thought they were all being punny. And had all thought of the same pun. I mean, it happens. (If I had a nickel for every guy who heard my name and introduced himself as “Batman”… *rolls eyes*)


  5. Girl I love it!! I’d rock Vader’s outfit any day (and the cinnabuns for Lei are classic! LOL)

    Happy Star Wars Day! 🙂

    • So you created a blog to tell other people their blogs suck? Awesome. At least have the guts to use your real blog/email to tell me I’m a terrible person. I’d have more respect for you.

    • Look Mr. Uber-asshole/Athought, if you don’t like the subject matter of this blog, then don’t f*cking READ IT! And while STAR WARS may not SEEM to have any significance, say, compared to discussing how to fix global warming or the impact of the death of Osama Bin Laden, it CERTAINLY did a lot for new writers/directors/producers b/c Lucas made a SH*T-TON of money for 20th Century Fox, which made them realize that hmmm…. maybe independents/small-time writers/directors, etc., have something worthwhile to film that people will FLOCK to see? And, that, of course, that attitude yielded/gave way/made it possible for OTHER incredible incredible indy films to be produced!

      And, I think the CINNAMON rolls are hilarious!! However, though I’ve always thought of myself as a major GEEK, I don’t get the importance of the date (5/4/11), in particular. Was the first movie released on May 4th??? Or???

      LOVE the C-PO shoes!

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. You fashion chicks are funny sometimes, like here… 😉

    Anyone’s gonna be watching the Laserdisc version of the good ol’ trilogy? Best damn version ever… I recommend it, but I can’t find it anywhere on the net.

    Hail the sexy gals fro the Rebellion!

  7. Wow…love this!! I am a huge fan of the c3po outfit!

    If you’re a huge dork then so I am…I plan on watching Star Wars tonight and I am ridiculously and unabashedly excited about it.

    Congrats on FP! 🙂

  8. It’s that time of year again, where you can go May the Fourth be with you. Yes I’m a Geek and into Star Wars (not that much, JarJar Binks..shivers run down my spine; I confess I saw the Phantom Menace around eleven times… I think).

  9. the topic of the post was the thing that invited me. may the fourth be with you. i also loved star wars when they were showing it….congrats on being freshly pressed

  10. May the Fourth be with you!! Love your outfits! Have you seen Her Universe? It’s only tshirts right now, but I hope they’ll get fancier clothes in the future. 🙂

  11. That is awesome! I have always been a fan of Star Wars. I had no idea that there was an official day for it!?!

    • I think it’s one of those tounge-in-cheek celebrations because today’s May 4th, so I’ve been saying “May the Fourth be with you” all day, and my coworkers think I’m such a geek, haha!

  12. Fun and fabulous post!!! Perfect fo rFP!!!! Congrats… year, I am for sure gonna wear an appropriate outfit…who knew there was a great dress up day in May!!!! Thanks! AmberLena

  13. I was clueless of National Star Wars Day until I received a mass amount of texts this morning. Never have I heard of this ever, but I LOVE it!

    I wish my birthday sounded cool too, September the 9th be with you just doesn’t have the same ring 😦

  14. How about outfits inspired by Yoda, Bobba Fet, and Chewbacca? Any of those in stock? 🙂

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  16. Hey theres nothing wrong with what inspires you,Iwouldn’t say your a dork and if so your a hot one especially if you rock the vader dress….
    Star wars weekends wil be coming up soon here in Orlando..wanna go??

    ps…I can send you pictures of r2d2 and most of the characters from last years event..send me your email and I’ll send attachments..

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  18. I have to wear a uniform to work everyday, but today I got to wear a suit. I did a twist of course 🙂 and had my hair in two buns in honor of Princess Leia. When I explained why to people, most thought I was awesome or crazy. 🙂 I love all the outfits and now have ideas for next year!

  19. This is hilarious; a brilliant Freshly Pressed!

    From one sci-fi & clothes fan to another (it’s a rather rare combination, sadly, leaving costume aside), I salute your creativity! I think the Vader one works best as an interesting ensemble, but the Leia one is just too funny for words. Nice one.

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