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I am beginning to find myself liking/disliking other blogger based on their writing voice. I find myself drawn to their photos of their outfits, but I ignore what they write. It’s weird, I know. I’ve also found myself doing the opposite – liking the writing but disliking the content.

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Maybe I’m really picky, or maybe I’m just reading too much into things. I try to have the same voice here as I do on my twitter and as I do in real life, and I feel like I do. Sure, I might speak in more slang phrases (or Susan-isms) in real life, but at least you can tell it’s me.

I’m come across a blogger or two that have a brilliant voice on their blog, so thoughtful, so intuitive, but they’re mean, crass and rude on their twitter. And they have the two linked to each other!

I guess I just don’t understand the point to disguise yourself. Usually it’s not hard to figure out if someone is faking their writing voice. I could never be as funny as Kendi Everyday, but she seems to be able to write her entries so tongue-in-cheek, without ever seeming fake. She also seems like someone I’d love to be friends with, all from her blogging voice.

And, I have to say, even though Meg isn’t just a fashion blogger, I have a soft spot for her blog. She talks about her life, among other things. She posts about problems she’s faced, her beautiful bouquets and most recently, her pregnancy.

I think I like blogs that seem REAL to me. Not just the “I’m going outside to take photos and then post them online” kind of blog. I like to feel like I know the writer. And I have a few favorites that I feel that way with (I just linked to two of them).

I would have to say my advice, if I were to give any (and if anyone is still reading) is to be you, no matter what. If you’ve had a bad day, say you had a bad day! Everyone can relate. My life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, believe me. More often than not I am shoveling my way out of some mess. Don’t feel like you need to write about the same things as someone else.

Maybe I’ll turn this into a “how to be a start a blog” series, since I know we can all make use of the conversation 🙂

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for stuff I can do better, leave me a comment or email me (Smooreink (at)


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  1. Great topic! I’ve collected so many blogs in my reader that I’m now starting to identify the ones I like less and unsubscribing (obviously not to yours, tho). I find that writing is definitely a factor I consider in weeding out the blogs I love, the blogs I like, and the blogs I unsubscribe to.

    I struggle with how much personal stuff to infuse into my blog, but tone-wise (I pay attention to these things, too 🙂 ) I try to be consistent (or stop trying to be anything other than me) among online platforms and in real life. I think more than anything I fear coming across as too wordy and try to keep it short so that people don’t stop reading because my posts are too long. I’m also a big Kendi fan…her blog makes you feel like you’re just sitting down, having a one-on-one conversation.

    Just for the record, I feel like I’m talking one-on-one to you, too, through comments 🙂 Thanks for keepin’ it real!

    • LOl thanks! 🙂
      I just hate following a blogger on twitter or something and wondering which person they really are? I mean, everyone has bad days, but if you’re always badmouthing other people, it’s not just a “bad day!”
      I try to keep my posts personal, because it is about me and my fashion and my life, really.
      I’ll try to continue to keep it real, LOL.

      And, I have to admit, I usually end up following other bloggers because of a comment they left here, or on someone else’s blog. How Alya and I got to know each other is a good example of that. She thought a comment I left on someone else’s blog as badass, so now we follow each other’s blog 🙂 She’s awesome too.

  2. I think that’s just the way it is… some people don’t show they’re true colors on their blog. One reason maybe is for them to gain popularity.

    This is the reason why I love you blog. You don’t care what others think. 🙂 For me that’s something rare. It’s so rare to see bloggers who don’t care whatever people thinks of them. 🙂

    I have met a number of people who tries to be a perfect example on their blog yet they’re not in person. But I can’t judge them cause that’s what they want so I guess it’s better to leave them that way…

    As for me, I’d continue being an anime dork both on Twitter & my (boring) blog… I’ll continue being a crazy cat woman cause I simply love cats and I’ll continue following the people I look up to & admire. 🙂

  3. Oh, man. So glad you wrote about this because I’ve been struggling with the same sort of thoughts lately! There are a myriad of blogs on my blogroll that I look at much as I did my science textbooks: interesting pictures, don’t really care what’s being said.

    I strive to present myself as “real” but to be honest the “real” me is sort of abrasive and inappropriate. I do use a rather broad vocabulary and pretentious voice in life, but I also curse a lot. I spend way more time than necessary drinking and raising hell, though I try to keep all that out of my blog lest someone think I’m childish…I also hide the fact that I married a man more than twice my age to avoid awkward questions. Yikes.

    • But keeping swearing and your partying off your blog isn’t hiding your voice. I have a feeling if I met you in real life you’d be the same person (with more curse words, LOL). I think that is more editing for the masses. I try to not talk about my cats or husband too much (or swear too much, because I am like a sailor IRL!).
      I also don’t think it’s bad that you hide the fact you married someone so much older than you. If you want to talk about it, you should be able to. If you get asked questions but don’t want to answer them, then don’t.

      I think you can talk about however much of your life as you are comfortable with on your blog, but your voice is what makes me like/dislike it. I love you blog, by the way. Your pictures are awesome and I think you have a good voice. 🙂

    • I had some of the same thoughts when reading this post! I feel like it’s my voice on my blog, for sure (though recently I’ve been so rushed that there’s not really a voice on my blog at all… damn you finals!). However, my voice on Twitter, for instance, is totally crasser than my blog voice. I mean, mostly I just curse more. I try not to curse on my blog. My mom reads it, and I’m trying to be a freelance writer, so I don’t want that to be in my writing. But when I’m sending off a little 140-character tweet… you know, sometimes I forget. Or just don’t care.

      Would Miss Vinyl maybe be able to provide examples of the bad behavior? Anonymous examples? I’m just all paranoid now, lol.

      This is the first time I’ve read this blog, by the way. I’m excited to go poke around and read more!

      • Hi Robyn!
        I could point out some examples, sure! Do you have your twitter account linked to your blog?
        I’ll do another post today and try to give some examples without actually pointing people out because I don’t want to offend or hurt anyone.

        PS- welcome to the blog!

      • I think the one that really sent me over the edge was reading one specific persons’ blog and thinking they were all nice and sweet, then checking out their twitter and seeing way too many tweets about how “he sucks” and she was going to “drink herself silly tonight” over and over. I understand everyone needs to vent. But sometimes stuff needs to be edited before you post it. She also went on and on about a few other bloggers she didn’t like, which I thought was rude. I’m not going to tell someone I don’t like them- I just don’t read their blog!

  4. very interesting post indeed!
    i am still trying to find my blogging “voice” — i definitely want to come across as myself, and often when i go back and read through my own entries, i dont quite sound like myself. or at least what *I* think i sound like.
    but alas, my blog is but a baby, so we are getting there.

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