$5.99 for a trench coat? Are you kidding?!

So I don’t know if there is some crazy sale going on over at Tulle, because I didn’t get an email about it, but I was just checking out their sale section, and they have trench coats for $5.99 They’re cheaper than their sale leggings! They’ve also got tons of shirts on sale for $2.99 or $3.99. I think it’s time to go shopping!

*edit* I fixed the photo so now it links to Tulle’s Web site.


5 thoughts on “$5.99 for a trench coat? Are you kidding?!

  1. WOW! Are they serious?? That’s awesome! Happy shopping to you! 🙂 Tell us about the stuff’s you’ll be getting. 🙂

    In the image you posted, I liked the Canvass Sherpa Trench & the Stretch Twill Trench! 🙂 The leggings look good too. I like the colors.

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