Goody’s Spin Pins

I first saw the commercials for this “new” product last night. I was totally amazed.

I’ve had a set of Spin Pins for about 10 years.

We had an exchange student, Helen, stay with our family 10 years ago. She and I both had really long hair, and she was telling me about this hair tool that looked like a screw that would hold your hair in a bun without a hairtie. We looked everywhere for it. Well, we could never find it. When she got back to Germany, she bought me a set and sent them to me. I’ve used the ever since, and they’re totally awesome.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with all of you guys, since it totally works!

They’re available at Target and CVS for about $6.


3 thoughts on “Goody’s Spin Pins

  1. Wow! That looks awesome… I use chopsticks to keep my hair in a bun but that don’t usually work because my hair is long and it’s too smooth that it doesn’t hold well with the chopsticks. T.T

    I wish I could find those here too. ^^

    *btw, I use chopsticks that are intended to use in hair styling. ^^

    • LOL! Well, I haven’t yet sent your scarf. Mostly because I’m lazy and because I need to find a box. Maybe I’ll toss in a pair of those 🙂

      • Aww… really? Thanks! ^^ I’m excited for the scarf as well. 🙂 Just tell me when you sent it. It’s okay if you can’t send it right away.

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