Spotlight: LuShae Jewelry

Last week, Sarah of LuShae Jewelry contacted me about checking out her online shop and giving a piece of their jewelry a spin. Well, of course I said “sure!” and picked a really pretty green ring.

The company ships from California, so I got the ring really fast. it’s really pretty and looks just like the photo above.

I’m always a bit weary about ordering from an online company because of sizing, but they provide you with the measurements on the Web site, so no issues there, unless you don’t know how to use a ruler (LOL).

The shop has rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. My ring arrived promptly, packed neatly in a shipping box surrounded by bubble wrap and in a dark blue jewelry box.

I’ve been wearing the ring for two days, and it has held up fabulously. If you’re looking for an online jewelry store that has good quality, give LuShae Jewelry a visit.

New ring

LuShae Jewelry provided the ring highlighted in this post


3 thoughts on “Spotlight: LuShae Jewelry

  1. i was just reading future lint yesterday and she also got an offer from this person — both rings look beautiful!
    i will have to check out the site and have a look at their earrings and necklaces.
    while i do love rings, i dont wear them so much anymore, ever since getting engaged and having the perfect ring everyday. 😉

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