Comic-Con Costume Help!

So I’m supposed to go to the Motor City Comic-Con this year. I bet that’s not something you ever expected me to admit.

But, yes. I am a comic book dork. I prefer Marvel to DC. I have favorites. I have been attempting to attend Comic-Con in CA for years, but haven’t ever been able to go. But this year, I’m going to the one in Michigan (w00t!) and I’ve picked out my costume.

Now I just have to see how difficult it will be to make and I have to decide how I will make sure to not be SUPER revealing (hi mom!!).

I’m going as Lelu from The Fifth Element. Now, I pretty much have two options for costumes. The white strappy thing she wears in the beginning. I could make that really easily, and add some nude/sheer panels so it’s not revealing (I found a girl on Flickr who did that, and it looked good. She hid the sheer panels in the white areas so her chest and bottom half were covered). Or, I can wear the crop-top, gold leggings/orange suspenders outfit. That one might be much harder to make because of the suspenders.





4 thoughts on “Comic-Con Costume Help!

  1. OH fantastic!!!!!
    I’m so bummed I missed out on Anime Boston this year, conventions are so much fun.

    Lelu is going to be a fun costume. Of course any half naked costume is a fun one, I speak from experience hehehe.

    I would go for the suspenders version, as there is just a tad more to it and the bright orange is so catchy.

    For help with making it, have you poked around at all — I know there a few Lelus there, and hundreds of really helpful people.

    Good luck, and have an amazing time!

    • This is my first time going, and I have no idea what to expect! My only concern with the suspenders costume are the suspenders. But I supposed orange vinyl could be easy to make into suspenders… I just need to find gold leggings… LOL!

  2. I would normally vote for the orange one b/c I like color, but actually if you have the guts to rock it (which it seems you do) then I say go for the second look. Let us just say it was my new year’s resolution to dress more scantily so I guess I am using that logic here.
    melina bee

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