Trying on, and reviewing, Zac Posen for Target

I am not a morning person. But, for the sake of  fashion, I woke up early this morning and drove myself over to Target.  Upon arrival, a staff member was telling me about another woman who showed up at 8 am and was taking pictures, which isn’t allowed. So, I kept my camera hidden. I grabbed as much stuff as I could without looking crazy and trudged off to the dressing room.


First, the clothes run small. Get at least one size up from what you normally wear, maybe two.

Second, the overall collection is much nicer than Jean Paul Gauliter’s based on fabrics and colors.

Third, I didn’t buy a thing and I will explain why after I show some photos of what I tried on.

I wasn’t able to try on the cute mod trench, because my Target didn’t have it (boo). But I was able to try on a bunch of the other stuff I’d had my eye on.

I tried on a grommeted tee and skirt (not meant to be worn together, obviously!)

A tux bodysuit and brocade skirt. BTW- don’t expect to be able to snap the bodysuit together once you get it on- even if you get it a few sizes larger (REALLY TIGHT!!)

I absolutely loved this dress. It was amazing! I loved the zipper detail on the front and the big bow! This was on my short list to purchase.

This sweater dress was… interesting. It was soft, and had a nice sheen to it. But the see-through skirt threw me for a loop.

Now this was the dress EVERYONE was talking about. The long one, with the train and the awesome safety-pin print. It was pretty cool. But where the hell am I going to wear a dress with a train except prom? And, I’m too old for prom now!

I really wanted to like this dress and for the most part, I did. It was just not really something I could see myself wearing often, or ever really. I liked the print and the color though.

Now this was the dress I went in there for. This was the dress I was ready to buy, had the money in my hands, wanted to own.

But I didn’t buy it. Why? Well, it was too short for work. And the ribbon was uneven, meaning I’d look uneven when wearing. And, there was a weird tail in the back where one part of the fabric was a little too long, but there was no way to fix it.

In all, I loved the brocade dress and the polka dot dress but purchased neither. The brocade dress was too expensive for my taste ($75) and I only knew of one place I would for sure wear it- a wedding for a friend next month. The polka dot dress was nixed because it was messed up and I’m not buying a messed up dress even if it has Zac Posen’s name on the tag.

My opinion about this collection? Much nicer fabrics, great silhouettes and great prints. I’m just not all about the prices. It is a Target collection. The prices should reflect that. And yes, I know, there will be outliers like the red suede jacket (not that impressed, I must admit), and yes, I know “it’s Zac Posen!” But, I can’t fathom spending $75 on a dress, no matter how beautiful, if I can only think of one place I’d wear it. I got my wedding dress on sale (half off, thankyouverymuch!), so I’m terribly thrifty, almost to a fault.

If you can afford it, I’d totally recommend the brocade dress.

Anyone buy anything, or want to buy anything?


17 thoughts on “Trying on, and reviewing, Zac Posen for Target

  1. Fun! I love the brocade dress on you–very flattering. But I agree about the price point…$75 for a dress from Target is way too high. I *might* pay that much at Banana Republic or Macy’s, but it’d have to be a pretty spectacular dress.

    • It was beautiful! All the clothes was beautiful, but I can’t spend $75 on a dress I don’t know when I’d wear, LOL!

  2. I would totally wear the dress with a train to work. But, since I’m the “creative” one there, I can get away with a lot of crazy clothes.

  3. The brocade dress is so, so flattering on you. A shame it’s out of your price point…but $75 is a bit much for Target. I didn’t think anything clothing-wise would ever be that much, regardless of the collaboration.

    I really wanted to try on the tux bodysuit but it will probably be gone by the time I take myself down to the Target by Atlantic City where the big names are actually stocked.

    • Thanks! I really like it, but I can’t think of where I’d wear it and I’d hate for it to just sit in my closet, unworn 😦
      The tux bodysuit was really cute, but I couldn’t get it to snap, even though I snagged a size bigger. If you want me to grab one for you and send it to you, let me know. Not many people around here will buy Zac Posen stuff. There is still a ton of the JPG stuff at my local Target on clearance.

  4. I got the tiger print sailor dress, but I’m not sure I’m going to keep it. Maybe I only got it because it was the only size small left of his stuff? It’s much girlier than things I usually wear. Maybe I’ll send you a pic so you can tell me what you think.
    I love the brocade dress on you!

    • I do like the tiger print dress- it’s bright and fun! Send me a pic, I’d love to see how it looks on you.

      And thanks!

  5. Great review! I love the brocade dress on you, it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces in the collection, but I agree with you on the price. Couldn’t do it…

  6. I didn’t like the first ones but I definitely love the dresses! I think all of the dresses you’ve tried on looks good on you. 🙂 The one with the zipper detail is the best! I think you should get that one. ^^

    • The one with the bow in front? I want that one, badly! But it’s a little more than I’m willing to spend (unless I can sell an organ or something, LOL)

      • Yea that one. 🙂 If it’s too pricey, then just buy one dress this time. I think it’s worth it plus from the image, the fabric seems good enough. ^^

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  8. Forgot to say, I think the safety pin one (the one with a train) looked amazing on you, like it was custom made for your body! I hate you…

  9. That’s exactly how I felt about the Ana Sui collection. Some of the items were really cute and wearable but not for $60. The Cynthia Vincent collection, on the other hand was a great collection. Affordable ( $30 for a pair of wedges that you can wear over and over) and functional colors.

    I agree, the dress is cute in theory-but I would have no where to wear it either.

    Good review

    • Thanks! I never really got to see anything from the Anna Sui collection, but I heard similar things. And the Cynthia Vincent collection was awesome! But I have big feet, so there weren’t any I could wear 😦

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